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Consuming and sharing relevant and timely industry updates is pivotal to your success meeting customer goals and staying aprised of technology and trends in buildings today. And it's key to our success as a partner in your work.  Find below a sampling of the latest spotlight resources and training for you to simplify professional development, in a meaningful way.



Engineers Newsletter LIVE

[Training] Q2 ENL: Decarbonization of HVAC Systems Part II

This ENL will look at potential electrification solutions for three different applications; a small office, a K-12 school and a healthcare facility, including sample outputs related to energy and emission reductions and electrified designs vs. traditional gas heating solutions.

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Engineers Newsletters

[Technical] Introduction to Decarbonization in HVAC

Decarbonization is gaining traction in a variety of industries as well as consumer and investor decision-making. The latest Engineers Newsletter discusses the global push for a more sustainable world and its important implications for the future of HVAC design.

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Decarbonization Webinar

[Webinar] Whole Building Decarbonization: Insights from Industry Experts

Hosted by the Engineered Systems and featuring Trane alongside Contractor, Consulting Engineer and Energy Experts. Register now for this complimentary, on-demand webinar.

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): 50 Years of the Engineers Newsletter
Hooray, it’s May! This reminds me of May flowers and “May the 4th” for you Star Wars™ fans. For those of us living in northern climates, the flowers have started to bloom, and it is time to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and nature. My name is Chris Hsieh and I have been with Trane® for the past 25 years. Throughout my time with Trane, I have supported a variety of initiatives, notably the international service market, Six Sigma projects, green buildings industry, and TRACE® energy modeling. My current role is as an applications engineer with a focus on airside and indoor air quality (IAQ) issues.


Lindsay D’Albani: Playing to Her Strengths
At Trane, everything starts with engineering and Lindsay D’Albani is one of our best. D’Albani is a Senior Test Engineer in Clarksville, Tennessee and loves her engineering career at Trane because it’s flexible, interesting, and collaborative.

From Components to Systems

Commercial buildings enhanced; costs reduced
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency
    • Systemic reduction of energy waste and intensity    
    • Coordinated and adaptive BAS enhanced with a focused energy procurement strategy
  • Next generation, low-GWP refrigerants    
  • Practical and affordable electrification
  • Maximum comfort, always reliable

Next-Generation Refrigerants

Environmental responsibility meets HVAC innovation

The EcoWise® portfolio of products allow you to design lower environmental impact systems while simultaneously addressing your customer’s climate commitments and efficiency goals. Choose the best refrigerant for each application based on a balance of:

  • Safety (toxicity, flammability, asphyxiation and physical hazards)
  • Environmental impacts (lowest GHG emissions)
  • Total cost of ownership (energy efficiency of the entire system)


Wellsphere surrounds you with a team of experts in indoor air quality, thermal comfort, acoustics and lighting to help you evaluate and select the right solutions to provide the biggest benefit to occupants and the biggest return for your client's business. We also support you with the tools and resources to take your IEQ knowledge to the next level.