Heating Equipment

Portable AC Unit

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters from Trane Rental Services provide clean, electric heat that is free from the moisture and fumes associated with other types of heating. Available Products: 50 kW and 150 kW electric heater capable of 170,000 to 512,000 Btu/h

  • Cam-type electrical connections
  • Forklift compatible
  • Flex duct connections

Portable AC Unit

Indirect Fire Heaters

Provide temporary heat, using either natural  gas or propane, with Trane indirect fire heaters.

  • 512,000 Btu heat


Packaged Rooftop Units

Our state-of-the-art packaged DX rooftop air conditioning units provide quiet and efficient temperature control and are modified to be lifted by crane or forklift.

  • Tonnage range from 25 to 80 tons
  • Provide the quickest and easiest source of temporary cold air
  • Restore cooling in an emergency; or cool a previously unconditioned space
  • Convenient for special venues such as outdoor sporting events
  • Standard and high-static versions available
  • Electric and gas fired heat options available


Air-Handling Units

Our custom engineered air-handling units are the most robust in the industry. These units provide the right solution for larger jobs, are outdoor rated and sized for 100 percent outside air. Available in 5–25,000 cfm units.

  • Turn cold water from our chiller into cold air
  • Ideal for providing air conditioning to very large warehouses, tents and other facilities
  • Low temperature 30-ton Krack units also available
  • Heating coils on units provide ability for year-round applications

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Trane Rental Services Value

  • Extra cooling, short-term replacements, temporary equipment to cool, heat or power
  • Fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions when you need them
  • Keep your business operational while you repair, replace or upgrade your existing system
  • Scalable cooling, heating, and power for unique applications, unusual situations and special events
  • Team of dedicated account managers, engineers, service technicians and logistics professionals