Advanced Technology. Climate Sustainability.

Innovative process cooling for high tech manufacturing.

When the world needs more of both, don’t settle for less of either.

To you, it’s more than a chip. It’s the vital semiconductor that powers the devices that connect people and businesses. It’s the critical component in the EVs that are driving us toward a more sustainable future. You make the technology that moves the world forward. And at Trane, we make the advanced process cooling technology that keeps you moving. We help high tech manufacturing plants stay up and running — without compromising on quality or climate sustainability. 

Stay up and running. Without running hot.

We know high-tech process cooling better than anyone. We understand the razor thin ambient tolerances tech plants have to maintain. There’s no room for temperature swings and there’s no time for downtime. We bring the insight and expertise to deliver right-sized solutions that help you meet your productivity and sustainability objectives. 

Right-sized, individualized solutions for your plant.


Our global presence and scale have earned us a reputation as the leader in high tech process cooling. We tailor solutions that help improve plant performance while reducing your carbon footprint through:


  • Expert consultation combined with innovative electrification equipment
  • Performance, energy and emission optimization through ongoing predictive analytics
  • Global scale when you need to ramp up quickly
  • Rapid equipment rentals to support contingency planning.

Up your uptime. Without compromising sustainability.

Maximizing productivity while reaching your decarbonization goals doesn’t have to be an either/or conversation. To see how we’ve helped other high tech manufacturing leaders thrive instead of compromise, view our resources below.




Do you know what downtime is REALLY costing you?
When talking with manufacturers about the potential costs of downtime, we regularly hear that it is difficult to quantify all the components that factor into the true cost of downtime. There are three obvious costs that most companies consider and can easily calculate:


Planning for the Worst to Deliver Your Best
No one wants their HVAC unit to go down, but in a manufacturing plant the cost of downtime can add up—and quickly. More than likely, you have redundancies in place for your critical process equipment. If a machine goes down, you and your staff are prepared for a seamless transition. Perhaps you keep an inventory of key parts and have a technician on 24/7 call.


For a healthier business and a healthier planet 

Decarbonize Your High Tech Facility


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