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Precision HVAC for precision manufacturing.

Start right. Run right. Trane is your building technology and energy solutions partner from beginning to beyond. 

High tech manufacturing is uniquely complex. How do you deliver products at the forefront of innovation while meeting sustainability and operational goals? Partnering with Trane experts early in your facility design phase ensures the development of precision HVAC solutions that reduce climate impact, enhance plant productivity and prioritize worker wellbeing.

Trane engineers understand the challenges of high tech manufacturing. We custom design, implement and optimize advanced mission-critical HVAC that gets it right for your building today and for the planet tomorrow. Whether you are constructing a new factory or retrofitting existing facilities, consult with us to ensure you have the future-ready guidance and technology you need. 


Future-forward strategies benefit both your bottom line and the climate.

Decarbonizing your high tech facility

Consultative Approach

Individual, data-driven strategies lead to right-size solutions.

Why a consultative approach works

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

In a high tech environment, better IEQ means better productivity.

Energy efficient ways to boost IEQ


How can we use HVAC strategies to meet our sustainability goals?

The easiest and most common place you can achieve measurable impact is by increasing energy efficiency. The operational requirements of high tech fabs are complex, but modern, sustainable HVAC equipment can help lower both carbon emissions and operating costs.

Quality And Performance Assurance

Reliability And Maintenance

Proactive maintenance is costly. Is it really worth it?

The last thing you need is production delays due to HVAC problems or inconsistent environmental conditions. Especially in new construction, it’s crucial to specify high-performing, reliable HVAC equipment and to make sure it’s well-maintained for longevity and optimal performance. 

Integration And Compatibility

Can new or retrofit HVAC systems be integrated with our existing infrastructure?

The good news is modern HVAC systems, retrofit components and controls can not only integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, but also adapt to future growth. The new construction design phase is the perfect time for Trane engineers to develop customized solutions for your high-tech facility.

Compliance And Regulations

How can I stay in compliance with ever-changing standards and regulations?

You don’t have to stay on top of every current and proposed requirement if you partner with an expert. At Trane, we’re committed to ensuring that your HVAC systems meet legal regulations and embody your commitment to performance, safety and environmental responsibility. 

Scalability And Future Growth

How do I ensure scalability now to prevent compromises in the future?

In a time of rapid growth and expansion, it’s crucial to design HVAC systems that can adapt, expand and evolve. Trane experts will align your goals with strategic solutions that are not only efficient and effective today, but are also designed to meet your needs tomorrow.

Pre-Build Guidance

Building new facilities: legislation, funding and supply chain

Trane provides early-stage expertise and guidance for building sustainable factories.

Consult with Trane engineers early in the design process to ensure your HVAC systems will help meet goals for sustainability, productivity, compliance and comfort. Learn how we can assess your unique needs, develop customized solutions and ensure optimal performance in your new facility.

Read the full blog

Recent legislation has unlocked several billion dollars for funding, incentives and regulations already impacting commercial and industrial buildings. Read key insights on today’s major laws, policies and incentives as well as expert guidance for tomorrow.

Visit Trane’s Resource Center

This landmark federal law included $369 billion for energy and climate change initiatives. Trane can help you maximize dollars received through tax credits, booster credits or tax deductions for the installation of sustainable, clean energy HVAC systems in new or existing buildings.

Learn more about the IRA

This 2022 federal statute aims to boost U.S. semiconductor production by catalyzing investments into R&D and leading-edge technologies for commercial and industrial buildings. Trane can help you identify and qualify for manufacturing incentives for capital investments.

Read the CHIPS and Science Act Fact Sheet

The high tech manufacturing industry is growing rapidly, but expansion can be constrained by supply chain challenges. At Trane we’re keeping a close eye on these issues, helping our customers avoid construction delays with proactive planning and specific strategies.

Discover 3 ways to mitigate supply chain challenges

Whatever the size or scope of your decarbonization initiative, there is likely a funding or financing source you should consider. Trane consultants can help you explore federal funding, utility incentives, third party investors and more.

Read more about funding sources for sustainable projects

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