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K. Raheja Corp. in Mumbai Drives Environmentally Responsible Construction

December 06, 2012

As the global demand for energy continues to rise, real estate developers are increasingly called upon to build more energy efficient structures that cost less to operate and have minimal environmental impact. One Trane customer that is raising the bar on green buildings is the K. Raheja Corp. in Mumbai.  

K. Raheja Corp. is a leading developer of commercial and residential real estate in India. The company has made a commitment to environmental stewardship that is setting a “gold standard” for others to follow. K. Raheja Corp has firmly committed to ensuring that all of its future projects undertaken anywhere in India will be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified Green Building projects.

This commitment is especially impactful in India. According to the Indian Green Building Council, the environmental impact of a building’s design, construction and operation accounts for an estimated 30 percent of India’s energy consumption. Of this consumption, the major usage is due to heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) and lighting.

As the Indian economy develops and the construction of commercial infrastructure accelerates, it is increasingly evident that the country needs to drive robust initiatives to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

If worldwide energy use trends continue, buildings will become the largest consumer of global energy by 2025 – more than the transportation and industrial sectors combined. Smarter buildings with highly instrumented and interconnected systems are an important element in the overall solution and K. Raheja Corp. is rising to the challenge.

K. Raheja Corp Implements Energy Efficiency Upgrades
The modern, high-efficiency HVAC systems selected by K. Raheja Corp. will help drive down operating costs and improve indoor comfort levels for occupants with commensurate health and productivity benefits. The company has also committed to a continuous service and maintenance agreement to further reduce system inefficiencies and to prevent unplanned downtime.

K. Raheja Corp. is committed to environmental sustainability and is constantly looking for ways to positively influence energy efficiency levels. The company's association with Trane brings a holistic-building approach to performance, while creating spaces that are comfortable, safe, healthy and efficient.

Trane was engaged by K. Raheja Corp. to install high-efficiency, low-emission solutions at many of their office buildings. Trane is also advising consulting engineers on optimizing their system design and operation, as well as providing software to help with design and analysis.

K. Raheja Corp. Takes the High Performance Buildings Journey
By making environmental responsibility a way of doing business, K. Raheja Corp. has made an investment in the future of its customers, their families and the community at large. The company has shown an ongoing commitment to high quality and service, continually adapting technologies that ensure an efficient and sustainable habitat for tenants and inhabitants of their high performance buildings.

High performance buildings take a whole-building approach to performance while creating spaces that are reliable, safe, healthy and efficient. They meet specific standards for energy and water consumption, system reliability and uptime, environmental compliance, occupant comfort and other factors. All standards are set to deliver established outcomes that help building owners and occupants achieve their business mission.