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Trane Intelligent Services Provides Relief in the Clutch for Tulsa Drillers Baseball Franchise

June 21, 2012

Tulsa Drillers use Trane Intelligent Services (TIS) model at ONEOK field

As a minor league farm club for the Colorado Rockies, the Tulsa Drillers understand the importance of performing in the clutch. In professional sports, game time performance is critical, and the same goes for its stadium's heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
That is why the Drillers turned to the experts from Trane to deliver reliability and avoid outages during game times and other critical working hours.
Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, provided The Drillers with Trane Intelligent Services (TIS) to help the team achieve its mission.
TIS is an integration of technology, proprietary analytics and expertise to continuously collect, interpret and act on data from building equipment and controls to optimize the performance of the building and enable high performance buildings. TIS includes alarm notification, active monitoring and building performance. 
Active Intelligence: The Next Generation of Innovation
TIS breaks the traditional service model with its innovative Active Intelligence management system which takes building system information and coverts it into meaningful knowledge to enhance and elevate building performance.
By linking a building's controls to the Trane Intelligent Services Center, critical information is filtered by Trane software analytics, allowing knowledgeable Trane technical specialists to interpret the information and take action.
The Trane Intelligent Services Difference
In April 2011 the Drillers had an air handler unit malfunction prior to game time, jeopardizing the skybox area and the revenue it provides. Fortunately, the stadium was being monitored 24-7 by TIS Alarm Notification.
Alarm Notification is included with all Trane service agreements. Every notification is customized to meet the customer's needs and assure that the right person is being alerted if there is a system malfunction.
The immediate and timely notification provided by TIS Alarm Notification allows customers to take prompt action to resolve any problems and avoid interruptions to operations. TIS offers customers peace of mind that the responsiveness of the fully automated alarm system will keep them in touch with the systems and working environment of their buildings.
Alarm Detected, Problem Solved, Let's Play Ball!
In the case of The Drillers, TIS Alarm Notification discovered the problem proactively and the team was notified of the equipment failure in time to avoid disaster. The Drillers had the unit repaired in time to offer fans a comfortable, safe environment in which to enjoy the game, saving the team a key piece of revenue while helping them avoid disappointing their fans.
The Drillers were so happy with Trane's pinch hitting, they upgraded their TIS services to include Active Monitoring, which includes the benefits of Alarm Notification plus the addition of immediate diagnostic and responsive action capabilities.
Active Monitoring is an innovative approach to service delivery that expedites response time and gets building systems operational more quickly, saving downtime and productivity. On average, 40 percent of the critical alarms are resolved within 30 minutes of the alarm sounding.
With TIS, Trane gives the Drillers the tools they need to ensure that the stadium's building systems are game ready every time. The increased reliability provided by Trane means the Drillers have more time to focus on what really matters –  taking down its opponents in the Double A Texas League.