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Contingency Planning

Be prepared when ‘what if?’ happens.


We can help you build a contingency plan to keep your operations up and running.

Natural disasters. Power outages.  Mechanical failures.  Events like these may be rare, but if they happen your business could be at risk, potentially costing you millions in lost sales and productivity. In today’s complex world a simple checklist won’t do when ‘what if?’ happens.  

Only a thorough contingency plan ensures you have properly assessed your risk and have the right backup systems and strategies in place to activate on a moment’s notice.  Trane can help.  Our experts work closely with you using a strategic, multi-step approach to identify, prioritize and mitigate the risks you face. You get an action plan to safeguard your critical operations and peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared.

1. We start with a financial risk analysis and overall risk assessment 

The first step is to review your business operations and their dependence on power and HVAC systems to document and quantify the potential financial impact of an event on your business. This enables us to identify the potential causes of interruption and rank them based on cost impact, probability of occurrence and system downtime.

2. We conduct a thorough equipment inventory

Working with your team, we document all the equipment in your HVAC and power systems, with a focus on their operating conditions. This will help us identify any problems that may need to be addressed before implementing a contingency plan.

3. Trane identifies your most critical energy loads and process requirements

Based on all the information and data, we evaluate and prioritize the most critical facility energy loads and processes your business needs to maintain essential operations, especially those presenting the greatest financial risk to the company.

4. We design a plan based on your unique needs and requirements 

We incorporate all the data and insights into a comprehensive mitigation plan that covers everything from load prioritization, to load-shed strategies, and the use of additional temporary equipment such as generators, chillers, and air handlers. We tackle all the important details such as how and where to connect into the system, documenting power availability and where to safely store temporary equipment.

Plan Delivery: Trane presents a comprehensive contingency plan for review

You will receive a complete plan proposal from your Trane Account Manager that includes our recommendations, equipment requirements, total investment required (both capital and expense), budget figures for temporary solutions including first-time and recurring costs, and detailed roles and responsibilities for internal and external resources. Everything you need to reach a decision that gives you peace of mind.

Ready for Action: We assist with plan implementation and ongoing review

We don’t disappear once the plan is in place. We help you complete all necessary documentation, such as purchase orders and rental agreements, to avoid any delays if an event occurs. We also support you in ongoing review of the plan to ensure it meets the evolving needs of your business.

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