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Sustainable buildings bring confident tenants

Trane Commerical Building Solutions

Today’s tenants want technology that integrates control over HVAC, lighting, security and more, and makes running the building easy. They care about sustainability more than ever before and want to feel confident that every aspect of their indoor environment is clean, safe and efficient. 

Buildings need to be more adaptable to changing space requirements, and more accommodating to flexible work schedules. Everyone wants more amenities, yet you have less to spend. Trane’s integrated approach helps you respond to rising tenant demand and reach your operational performance and energy goals.


Electrification Solutions

Electrifying the built environment so that buildings are powered by electricity drawn from renewable energy sources matters more as the grid becomes cleaner. Sound complicated? A successful transformation to building electrification requires experience and hands-on expertise.

Decarbonize Now
Energy Management

Active Energy Management

Timing is everything, and that’s especially true when it comes to utility rates and increasing market price volatility. Partner with Trane to reduce energy costs and increase sustainability with active energy management

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Sustainability has entered the building

Commercial buildings are responsible for roughly 40% of global emissions. Building owners are feeling the demands from their communities and their government to activate responsible solutions now. You don’t have to sacrifice profitability nor comfort in order to achieve energy goals. As building and energy experts, we work with you to find the solutions that fit your commercial buildings evolving needs and compliment your operational goals holistically.   

Learn how Trane experts can help you use energy more intelligently. 

Find opportunities to reduce cost with an Energy Assessment

An Energy Assessment using Trane Energy Optics can help you gain even greater efficiency for your commercial building. You’ll see which parts of the building are consuming more energy, when and how usage patterns differ across the enterprise. The opportunities for improvement become more obvious so you can make faster and more-informed decisions with confidence.

Make the right investments to improve and showcase Indoor Environment Quality

The effects of Indoor Environment Quality are clearer than ever. Confidence in the health of their building is more important to tenants than ever before. Visibility and building comfort is driving buying decisions and they are looking to you to ease their minds and secure their confidence.

Improving and enhancing building performance requires experience and hands-on expertise. We turn insights and data into an action plan you can move on immediately. So you can clearly see and show how you are operating your building responsibly— without sacrificing profitablity.

Rental Services

If sustainability is top of mind, avoiding downtime is never far behind. So, we offer ultimate peace of mind with local service, engineering know-how and an expansive fleet of rental chillers, air conditioners, cooling towers, air handlers, portable heaters, power generators and ancillary products. Know that Trane has you covered 24/7/365.

Clear visibility to usable data

Trane Controls solutions provide out-of-the-box simplicity to energy efficiency. Regardless of your current systems make and model, Trane controls work efficiently and intelligently together to integrate, secure, and optimize your building without compromising profitability. Take back control of your building and achieve the operational excellence you and your customers are seeking.

Electrification Product Showcase

We take a holistic approach to making facilities more efficient, sustainable and compliant. Our portfolio of equipment, controls and services is simply unrivaled.

VRF and Ductless Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology is taking the HVAC industry by storm and is a popular choice for a variety of building sizes and uses by offering higher energy efficiency, smaller footprints and greater flexibility.

Top CRE Solutions

When meeting tenant demands gets complicated, come to Trane. We offer a wide range of solutions for commercial buildings. Here are just a few industry favorites. 

Get Your Building Ready