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VRF Systems

VRF Systems

Advanced, all-electric HVAC technology + building expertise, service and s​​upport.

Building regulations, decarbonization demands and occupant expectations are ever-evolving. To remain ahead, you need more flexible, efficient HVAC options. 

Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric VRF heat pumps and heat-recovery systems are top-performing, industry-leading electrification solutions. Each comes with custom, ongoing local support and training that simplifies design, procurement and installation every step of the way.  


VRF technology consolidates heating and cooling into one all-electric, multi-zone system. This makes them highly adaptive, comfort-focused, cost-effective and precise. VRF can be viable in virtually any building—from new builds to retrofits—and ensure results for today and tomorrow.


Variable Refrigerant Flow Technology Is the Future of HVAC

  • Superior Efficiency

    Waste less energy responding to changes in building loads or climate.

  • Greater Cost Savings

    Higher efficiency helps lower utility costs in the short- and long-term.

  • Consistent Comfort

    Warm or cool different environments simultaneously.

  • Outstanding Versatility

    Our expansive VRF portfolio includes everything from ductless wall mounts and ducted ceiling units to outdoor installations. 

  • Retrofit-Ready

    Meet evolving standards without major structural alterations.

  • ESG-Ready

    Move the needle on decarbonization and sustainability without operational compromises.

What Are Trane’s Commercial VRF & Ductless Offerings?

By pairing application expertise with cutting-edge equipment, Trane is able to offer optimal VRF and ductless solutions for any scenario. Get help defining your exact system needs based on your building requirements, business goals, available incentives and more.


Featuring an innovative two-pipe system, Trane® / Mitsubishi CITY MULTI VRF units offer operational, design and application flexibility. All options for air and water-source heat pump or simultaneous heat/cool systems offer maximum building efficiency. Ventilation solutions and multiple control options can round out a complete system to meet your unique needs.


Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric HVRF is the world’s only two-pipe Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system that exchanges heat between refrigerant and water using our unique Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC), which can reduce the use of refrigerant on the outdoor side and keep the piping in the indoor space refrigerant-free.

P Series

The Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric P Series single-zone systems deliver superior comfort and reliability for critical cooling demands. With ducted and ductless models available from 12,000 to 42,000 BTU/H, their durability is ideal for creating seamless, non-disruptive environments.

Nv Series

The Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric Nv Series offers excellent efficiency and comfort control without major construction or remodeling. It's ideal for small spaces—from offices to retail shops—or the needs of a specific section in a larger building.


Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric SMART MULTI® systems are single and three phase outdoor units with inverter technology, offering an ideal fit for light commercial applications. Featuring best-in-class efficiency ratings and ENERGY STAR certified units, SMART MULTI systems are designed to deliver operational cost savings and long-term performance.

Understanding VRF System Design

Every aspect of VRF systems is familiar to Trane. The best one for your needs depends on the following considerations Trane helps you weigh.

System Type

Heat pump or heat recovery? Heat pump system configurations can either completely cool or completely heat all the zones they serve. In a heat recovery system, each individual zone can heat or cool as needed. When simultaneously cooling and heating, energy can transfer from one space to condition another.

Humidity Control

How often will you manage humidity? With outdoor air treatment only, ventilation equipment will bring outside air to a space-neutral dew-point temperature. If space humidity is a concern, a terminal system at design- and part-load operation—as well as ventilation systems—is necessary.

Ventilation System

How should ventilation air be conditioned? Supplying air ventilation to a building requires a filter and fan setup at a minimum. Many building energy codes also require exhaust-air energy recovery. As a result, a basic ventilation system might consist of an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). For additional air treatment—including humidity control—there often needs to be a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) too.

System Control

Should the system be controlled with independent or integrated controls? Controls are necessary to enable and operate VRF and ventilation systems. In some applications, it might be acceptable to control both systems independently. In other cases, close coordination may require an integrated control system.

How Trane Supports VRF System Implementation

By pairing application expertise with cutting-edge equipment, Trane is able to offer optimal VRF solutions for any scenario. Get help defining your exact system needs based on your building requirements, business goals, available incentives and more.

Complete VRF System Solutions

Receive guidance on a custom-designed VRF system solution made of the right-sized technologies, including Outdoor units, Indoor units, Ventilation solutions, and Controls.

Technical Support

Access 24/7 on-site and remote maintenance from expertly trained VRF specialists—even long after installation. 


Learn from comprehensive VRF training programs tailored to contractors and engineers. 

View VRF Training

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