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Building Pressure Control: A Trane ENL Program Preview

In this Engineers Newsletter Live, we review the factors that influence building pressure and use a model building to demonstrate several common building pressure control techniques.

In our latest Trane Engineers Newsletter LIVE (ENL) program, we review the factors that influence building pressure and use a model building to demonstrate several common building pressure control techniques.

This ENL features applications engineers Chris Hsieh, John Murphy, and Eric Sturm. After viewing this program, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the multiple factors that impact building pressure, such as HVAC operation, weather, and wind.
  • Understand that airside economizing alters the amount of outdoor air entering a building, so that the relief air system must then adjust to maintain acceptable building pressure.
  • Understand the challenges of using barometric relief dampers in systems equipped with airside economizers.
  • Explain the benefits of direct measurement and control of building pressure.
  • Understand the differences between a return fan and a relief fan.

Viewing this ENL

A webinar viewing of this program is scheduled for May 17, 2023. Click on the following link to register to attend this webinar: Webinar Registration.

After this date, a recording of this program will be available to view on-demand from the Trane Education Center.

More about Trane Engineers Newsletter LIVE (ENL) programs

Trane ENL is a series of video programs focused on the design and control of HVAC systems, industry issues (sustainability, decarbonization, indoor air quality, acoustics, etc.), or codes and standards. The content is technical and educational, but non-commercial. The target audience is HVAC system design engineers; however, some programs may also be of interest to others in the industry.

Previous programs are available to view on-demand, and free of charge, in the Trane Education Center. In many states, ENL programs meet the requirements for earning Professional Development Hours (PDHs) to help meet the continuing education requirements of your professional engineer license or other certification.

Building Pressue Control: Engineers Newsletter LIVE

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Copy of tc-alexa-freitas-headshot - 1

About the author

Eric Sturm, Applications Engineer




Eric joined Trane in 2006 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. Prior to joining the Applications Engineering team, he worked in the Customer Direct Services (C.D.S.) department as a marketing engineer and product manager for the TRACE™ 700 load design and energy simulation application.


In his current role as an applications engineer, Eric’s areas of expertise include acoustics, airside systems, indoor agriculture, and indoor air quality. He is currently involved with ASHRAE® as a member of the Standard 62.1 project committee, the indoor agriculture technical committee, and the sound and vibration technical committee. Eric is the recipient of the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award and Young Engineers in ASHRAE Award of Individual Excellence.