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Premium Chiller Plants

Thermal Battery Storage Systems

Thermal Battery Systems

Premium Chiller Plants

Thermal Battery Storage Systems

Trane Thermal Battery™ systems are premier HVAC plants that provide a distributed resource for our changing grid. Their ability to store thermal energy enables your building to reliably modify HVAC operations to optimize for carbon reduction or energy cost savings.

Key Benefits:
  • Lower utility bills: Reduce peak electricity demand costs and shift energy use to less expensive and more efficient off-peak periods
  • Increased Sustainability: Support renewable energy by making it more dispatchable
  • Greater Agility: Enable flexible operation for a grid interactive building
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How our Systems Work

Trane Thermal Energy Storage

Trane Thermal Battery systems are chiller plants enhanced with thermal energy storage. The chiller plant operates like a battery. It charges when excess or inexpensive energy is available or when you can depend on renewables. It discharges when demand spikes, price is high or when the utility or grid operator asks for help meeting capacity.

Thermal Battery Air-Cooled Chiller Plant

Air-Cooled Chiller Plant

The Trane® Thermal Battery air-cooled chiller plant is a thermal energy storage system, which can make installation simpler and more repeatable, saving design time and construction costs. Trane offers pretested, standard system configurations for air-cooled chillers, ice tanks, and pre-packed pump skids integrated with customizable, preprogrammed system controls.

Thermal Battery Heat Pump for Water-Cooled Chillers

Storage Source Heat Pump

The all-electric Storage Source Heat Pump system leverages thermal energy storage to provide cooling and heating. It captures waste energy to eliminate traditional heating equipment that relies on fossil fuels.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Our experts draw on 30+ years of engineering experience installing more than 1 gigawatt+ of thermal storage to help you design the best solution for your needs. Combine the benefits of Trane’s industry-leading chillers and controls with best-in-class CALMAC® storage tanks.

Optimize Your Control Strategy

Our assessment tools can help you choose the best control strategy for your application. You can depend entirely upon thermal storage to cool your building or leverage storage plus chillers. 

Based on multiple factors — electric rates, building occupancy, carbon emissions and available footprint — we help you identify the best control strategy to reach your financial and sustainability goals.

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Active Energy Management

Optimize your Thermal Battery system with demand response and more. Reduce your electrical costs by helping your local utility meet peak energy demand on the hottest days of the year.

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