Trane Intelligent Services: Enhancing Building Mission

June 07, 2012

Every building operator has a set of expectations and a budget to manage. With Trane Intelligent Services (TIS), Trane is able to offer performance enhancements to meet any building’s specific requirements through advanced automation strategies called Alarm Notification, Active Monitoring and Building Performance.

The baseline level of TIS -- Alarm Notification -- is part of every Trane service agreement. All TIS levels use customer-defined metrics in gathering critical operational data 24/7. This data is used to establish custom notifications and exceptions to pre-defined operating standards which create an “alert” to notify operators .

Immediate and timely notification of alarms allows building operators to take prompt action to address potential issues and pre-empt problems avoiding costly interruptions to operations.

Faster access to critical operating information provides the tools necessary to accurately diagnose problems and determine next steps for building operators. This can prevent costly visits by service technicians in order to more quickly and accurately diagnose problems, which improves upon traditional trouble shooting response.

Having access to real-time information also means that when a service technician is called, that technician will understand the characteristics of a problem before arriving and can bring the right tools, parts and resources to address the problem correctly upon arrival.

Since TIS is continually gathering and analyzing data, it can also detect even subtle operating anomalies that might occur intermittently or “in the background” - something that might be difficult for an on-site repair technician to detect if the equipment appears to be acting normally.

If better information leads to better decisions, then getting the most accurate and current information about building performance is critical for building operators. Trane Intelligent Services is a set of offerings developed by Trane to give building operators exactly that type of tool.