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Watt's in the News? - Volume 21

Which States Stepped Up with Renewable Energy Production Last Year? When it comes to the production of electricity by wind and solar means, one state clearly led the way by producing twice the number of gigawatts of electricity than any other state.

According to the Inside Climate News article, “One State Generates Much, Much More Renewable Energy Than Any Other—and It’s Not California,” Texas was the clear leader with over 136,000 gigawatts of electricity produced by wind and solar in 2022. California was a distant second with nearly 53,000 gigawatts of electricity produced by wind and solar last year.  It’s not really that surprising if you consider all the space Texas has to build new wind and solar farms, even though California is known for its efforts to promote renewable energy initiatives.  Rounding out the top five states utilizing wind and solar to produce electricity with wind and solar in 2022 were Iowa (45,000 gigawatts), Oklahoma (37,500 gigawatts), and Kansas (29,500 gigawatts).


The article then looked at the state leaders in hydroelectric power and total renewable energy used to produce electricity. Again Texas (138,500 gigawatts) was at the top for 2022. However, Washington (91,000 gigawatts) moved into second place with its vast network of hydroelectric dams throughout the state.  California (89,000 gigawatts) dropped to third, with Iowa (46,000 gigawatts) in fourth place and Oregon (44,000 gigawatts) jumping up to fifth place with its plentiful number of hydroelectric dams.


Lastly, the article looks at the which states generated the most carbon-free electricity during 2022.  Carbon-free electricity is the sum of nuclear energy production and all renewable energy production. Once again, Texas (180,000 gigawatts) is at the top. Surprisingly, Illinois (124,000 gigawatts) jumps to second place on this list thanks mostly to its dependence on nuclear energy (nearly 100,000 gigawatts).  California (107,000 gigawatts) is third again, while Washington (101,000 gigawatts) comes in fourth, and Pennsylvania (84,500 gigawatts) moves up to fifth with its high rate of nuclear power (75,000 gigawatts).


The article points out that coal usage to produce electricity is dropping because of clean energy initiatives. Not surprisingly, electricity produced by renewable forms of energy is increasing to offset the decline of coal. In 2022, the United States produced nearly 40 percent of its electricity from carbon-free sources, over 20 percent from renewables and 18 percent from nuclear energy. So even though our country remains dependent on fossil fuels for most of our energy, renewables are becoming more popular and are helping to meet the energy needs for all of us.

The entire article can be found at the link below:

One State Generates Much, Much More Renewable Energy Than Any Other—and It’s Not California - Inside Climate News

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Tate Honaker

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Tate Honaker

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