Electrification: A Pathway to Carbon Reduction

Electrification can be an important element in a plan to meet sustainability and carbon reduction goals. Listen to Trane expert, Charlie Jelen, as he provides key considerations to help maximize the benefits of electrification for your building and organization – from carbon reduction to cost savings.

Electrification: A Pathway to Carbon Reduction


About the Author

Charlie Jelen


Charlie Jelen is the pre-construction lead for Trane’s energy and decarbonization program for key account customers. Through this program, Charlie collaborates with larger enterprises to define their environmental sustainability objectives and establish initiatives and programs to reduce operational emissions through financially attractive and measurable projects. 

Charlie has been involved in the development and support of HVAC systems for Trane since 2012.  His areas of expertise are in hydronic systems, refrigerants, system modeling, and decarbonized system designs including the electrification of heating.  

Charlie lives with his family in La Crosse, WI and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.