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Can a Service Company Provide Better Service by Coming Out to Your Building Less?

September 21, 2012

If you asked 100 building managers to define good customer service from the technician's that service their building's systems and equipment, the top answers would likely include responsive, knowledgeable and reliable. For many building managers, the mere presence of a technician on sight is enough to instill comfort  that building's systems are being brought up to, and kept in, good service.

What many may not realize, however, is that today's technology allows companies like Trane to deliver a higher level of service than ever before, even with service people coming out less often. This is because of advanced technology from Trane that allows us to identify anomalies that are actually causing the problem and respond quickly and correctly. 

In a typical service scenario, the building manager would call out a service technician in response to a reported problem in a building. This could be a piece of equipment that has stopped working (or working properly), or it could be a detectable difference in building comfort. The technician then has to begin diagnosing the problem, running tests, checking equipment and trying to determine the cause of the problem.

An even more frustrating scenario is when the problem is intermittent, and the problem is not occurring when the technician arrives. Then the service technician has to try to replicate the problem, and is often forced to guess at the real cause of the inconsistency.

With Trane Intelligent Service (TIS),  Trane is continually gathering performance data for the entire building in real time. The powerful analytics tools built into TIS can spot the anomaly when it happens and fix it - often without a any service technician coming to the building. This ability to remotely identify and correct problems gives greatly improved service to building managers.

When a service call is required, the data provided by TIS will ensure that the right technician is dispatched with the right part to fix the right problem the first time. The continuous monitoring of TIS also means that the problem will be discovered when it happens, rather than waiting for a service technician to discover it during routine maintenance or waiting for a building occupant to report discomfort.

Today's advanced technology is bringing customer service to a whole new level. With TIS from Trane, building operators can count on responsive, reliable, knowledgeable service every time.