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Higher Education

Funding, building and education solutions for better schools

As a higher learning institution leader, you face many challenges today, including maintaining a healthy indoor environment for all of your buildings. It's important to understand the current guidelines and recommendations and how your buildings perform.

Identifying your campus wellness goals will help you unlock the hidden potential of your facilities and reduce operational costs, all while improving sustainability and emergency resiliency.

The building experts at Trane can help ensure your HEERF funds are used to develop a holistic investment strategy for resilient, sustainable campus buildings.

How Can You Invest in Your Campus?

In this new era of heightened concerns around the health and safety of indoor spaces, Trane is your trusted partner and resource in making holistic, lasting improvements to your campus. There are several ways that Trane’s experts and solutions can bolster your efforts to maintain, modernize and optimize your facilities for in-person learning.

Financing & Energy Services Contracting

There are a variety of financing and funding options available, including performance contracts, grants, utility rebates, energy services agreements, public-private partnerships, and more. Your Trane expert will work with you to identify the best solution for your needs and goals.

Save Money While Increasing Sustainability

Today’s students expect your school to operate responsibly and be a good steward of energy resources. With Trane, you can make data-informed decisions to change operational strategies that save energy and money without affecting comfort.

That may mean upgrading to the latest and most energy-efficient HVAC equipment or integrating more renewable energy. These upgrades increase sustainability campus-wide and reduce dependency on the electrical grid, while showing the progress you’re making to reduce the energy intensity of your campus.

Enrich Your Community While Creating Learning Opportunities for All

As a cornerstone of the community, it’s important that your institution serves students from all walks of life. Convert your campus building improvements into living learning labs that educate students on how their actions impact the conservation of energy and other natural resources. Trane’s training programs and digital tools offer real-life lessons on energy conservation and sustainability that will last them a lifetime.

Trane also provides valuable technical training programs and certifications like NC3 partner certification programs and job placement opportunities to help your students thrive both on and off campus.

Create Contingency & Resiliency Plans

The stability of the power grid is an ongoing concern because of aging infrastructure and ever-greater demand. Ensure your campus is ready and resilient with a holistic plan that prioritizes how your campus uses energy. The approach can be diverse and comprehensive, including the use of distributed renewable energy resources, energy storage and microgrids.

Identify Necessary Infrastructure Updates to Improve Wellbeing

Overdue maintenance and infrastructure improvements are at the top of many facilities managers’ to-do lists. Added to that is the daunting task of making sure that their buildings are safe and healthy.

By implementing new air purification and cleaning solutions, you can be sure you are creating safe learning environments. With an integrated building system, you can automate and operate facility HVAC and lighting anytime, anywhere.

Simplify your procurement with Trane’s contract through OMNIA Partners​

Trane is proud to collaborate with OMNIA Partners to provide excellent government procurement resources to help higher education institutions simplify the procurement process.​


Customer Stories

Gateway Technical College

Gateway Technical College and Trane are working in partnership to better prepare the workforce of tomorrow and become a much more efficient and energy conscious college

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