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Our 3-Step Process for Indoor Environmental Quality

Every building is unique. That’s why Trane follows a proven 3-step process to assess, mitigate and manage your IEQ performance and tailor solutions for your business and energy goals .

Step 1: Assess

Trane’s holistic approach to indoor environmental quality begins with a building assessment. The building assessment helps us understand your existing environment and operational needs at a deeper level to identify the right opportunities for improving your Indoor Air Quality, Lighting, Acoustics and Thermal Comfort. Your dedicated Trane expert will use the findings from the building assessment to create a detailed performance report, complete with recommendations on how to best address your IEQ challenges in accordance with your business objectives and the latest industry guidelines.


Step 2: Mitigate

After your initial assessment, a Trane expert will present a custom plan to help you achieve your energy goals and comply with industry guidelines. With our wide range of science-backed IEQ solutions for air purification. intelligent lighting, sound optimization, temperature control and more, you can be confident that our recommendation will be 100%-tailored to your exact IEQ needs..

Step 3: Manage

Weather, time of day, operational demand and other factors can impact IEQ performance. That’s why Trane offers ongoing services and solutions to help you manage IEQ in real time. From actionable analytics and intelligent building controls, to remote monitoring and standalone IoT technology, our IEQ management solutions empower you with 24/7 visibility to take actions to optimize your system and protect the well-being of your people when dynamic changes occur.


Elements of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Trane’s 3-step process is the driving force behind our holistic approach to building wellness. By first understanding your unique challenges, our IEQ experts are able to personalize solutions for your Indoor Air Quality, Lighting, Acoustics and Thermal Comfort needs that connect back to your business and energy objectives.

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Indoor Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the most effective ways to reduce airborne health risks in your building. Starting with an in-depth IAQ assessment, your dedicated Trane expert will provide an in-depth report of your current conditions and, if needed, personalize an IAQ recommendation to help dilute, exhaust, contain and clean the air inside your building.

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Quality lighting can do more than reduce energy costs. Thanks to new innovation, lighting now has the potential to impact occupant safety and productivity as well. Trane offers a wide range of advanced lighting solutions for your IEQ challenges, from motion-activated triggers and circadian-based intensity modes, to antiviral UV science that proactively disinfects your space and more.

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Well-designed building acoustics can enhance concentration by eliminating noise, improving sound privacy and more. We provide acoustic solutions and services for both scenarios, combining world-class product engineering, system design and data analysis to tune your building’s acoustics to the task at hand.

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Thermal Comfort

Comfort is personal. Trane’s holistic thermal comfort portfolio of equipment and controls can help you better optimize your building temperatures to meet the personal preferences of those inside–all without compromising your business or sustainability goals.

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