What do the latest data and real-life success stories tell us about improving indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in K-12 schools – efficiently and sustainably?

Join Anisa Heming, Director of the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council, and Wanyu Rengie Chan, Ph.D, Healthy Schools Research Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, as they unpack the latest studies and best practices in IEQ for K-12 school buildings, including:

  • Why is the learning environment so critical and how can schools balance building health with energy efficiency and sustainability?
  • When it comes to indoor air quality (IAQ), what is and isn’t working — and why?
  • How do we equip students for sustainability and environmental literacy?
  • With access to once-in-a generation funding now available, where do you start?

In this episode, Anisa and Dr. Chan help school leaders inform their decision-making at a time when the need – and the resources to address it — have never been greater.

Resources mentioned during this podcast: