Chiller Rentals

Air-Cooled Chillers & Water-Cooled Chillers

Air-Cooled Chiller Rentals

Ideal when speed, ease of installation and reliability are your primary concerns.

  • Equipped to provide quick restoration of cooling in emergency and planned shutdown situations
  • Applied in industrial and commercial markets to provide cooling for both process and comfort applications

10-500 ton

  • Integral pumps, circuit breaker or fused disconnect, 0° - 65° F Water
  • 10 ton Process Chiller


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Trane Rental Services Value

  • Extra cooling, short-term replacements, temporary equipment to cool, heat or power
  • Fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions when you need them
  • Keep your business operational while you repair, replace or upgrade your existing system
  • Scalable cooling, heating, and power for unique applications, unusual situations and special events
  • Team of dedicated account managers, engineers, service technicians and logistics professionals