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U.S. Natural Gas Exports to Mexico at Record Highs

Jude Clemente, Senior Market Analyst - Gas and Power September 11, 2018 01:17 PM

With two new pipelines entering service in June (Nueva Era and El Encinco-Topolobampo), U.S. piped gas to Mexico has been soaring to all-time highs.

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Predictive Building Analytics: The Future of HVAC Automation

Neil Maldeis, Energy Solutions Engineering Leader September 5, 2018 07:45 AM

Would you feel more confident in your building’s performance if technology could predict equipment failures before they happen? In the Internet of Things (IoT) age, this level of insight is possible and is known as predictive analytics.

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The Formula for Energy Supply Management

August 28, 2018 03:30 PM

When customers ask for our help in analyzing their energy bill, we start by building a fundamental understanding of the influencing factors.

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What you need to know about using R-22 in HVAC systems

Steve Kujak, Refrigerants Technology Leader August 21, 2018 07:00 AM

R-22 was the most popular refrigerant used in commercial and residential air conditioning units for many years because it was considered a safe and cost-efficient refrigerant choice by the HVACR industry. But as anyone in the industry knows, R-22 was phased out in the U.S. beginning in 2010 because it is ozone depleting.

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Where is Wind Energy in the U.S. Headed?

Jude Clemente, Senior Market Analyst August 14, 2018 07:30 AM

With natural gas first and solar third, wind has been the second most prolific source of new U.S. power generation capacity over the past 15 years or so.

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Nevada Looks Toward Electricity Deregulation Vote

Trevor Sutherland, Market Analyst August 7, 2018 07:30 AM

Nationally, the trend of power deregulation seems to have largely stabilized. While there are some occasional efforts in states like Ohio or Michigan to re-regulate, these rarely make it past the introduction of a bill or speculation on the part of a utility spokesperson. Similarly, few states seem to be interested in deregulating (or in the case of California and Michigan, further deregulating) their power sector.

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Summer Energy Best Practices

Neil Maldeis, PACT Engineer July 17, 2018 01:06 PM

In the warm summer months, electrical demand goes up, driving prices higher. Meanwhile, HVAC equipment kicks into high gear to keep occupants cool. It’s the annual conundrum as building operators struggle to maintain the balance between cost and comfort. It’s time to take on a few summer energy projects.

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Do the Natural Gas Bulls Have a Chance?

Beau Walker, Energy Supply Services Department Leader July 10, 2018 02:00 PM

Is sub-$3.00 natural gas the new normal? Can the NYMEX prompt-month contract actually make a rally? In short, do the bulls have a chance anymore?

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How to Get Started With Connected Buildings

July 10, 2018 08:45 AM

The ability to connect building systems and equipment through the internet has been around for years thanks to advancing technology and better equipment design. This capability has led to a trend in connected or smart buildings where connected devices (e.g., lighting, security systems and HVAC equipment) produce data that can be captured and applied to significantly increase efficiency and save money.

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How Does Thermal Storage Add Value to Your Zero Energy Building Strategy?

Mark MacCracken, Vice President of CALMAC Portfolio & Jasmine Williams, CALMAC Marketing Leader June 27, 2018 07:30 AM

Fueled by new regulations such as those being imposed in California and Vancouver, Canada, requiring net zero new construction; challenges by organizations such as the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for all new buildings to be carbon neutral by 2030; new building codes encouraging less energy use; real estate firms wanting to differentiate their holdings in the competitive marketplace; and building owners just wanting to do the right thing for the environment, the Zero Energy Building (ZEB) concept is receiving increased emphasis in the commercial real estate industry.

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