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Design and Analysis Tools

Easy-To-Use, Accessible Tools for Better Engineered Outcomes

Backed by our extensive history of HVAC system design and software simulation knowledge, our cutting-edge tools answer your challenges and help empower you to create a more sustainable, efficient and healthy world.

TRACE® 3D Plus

Next-generation design and analysis software based on the U.S. Department of Energy's EnergyPlus® simulation engine

Go seamlessly from project planning and conceptual modeling, to load design and energy/economic analysis—all through the same project file and interface.

  • Easily create and validate architectural design and HVAC systems in 2D or 3D.
  • Model intuitively, accurately and dynamically, at any level of fidelity.
  • Import 3D models directly from CAD using Green Building XML (gbXML), or import floor plans and trace over using the draw tools.

TRACE® 3D Plus Load Design

The next evolution of the globally used and trusted TRACE® 700 Load Design software. 

This 3D design platform makes accurately sizing your HVAC systems faster and easier at any desired level of fidelity. We've taken our 50 years of HVAC systems design and software simulation knowledge and combined it with the U.S. Department of Energy's state-of-the-art EnergyPlus® simulation engine. The result is a platform that makes right sizing HVAC systems intuitive and visually dynamic with an easy to understand workflow that's less error prone. Try the new TRACE 3D Plus platform today and get accurate sizing results in a fraction of the time.

Trane® Design Assist

Project-ready building automation system designs and documentation

This intuitive, web-based application gives users the power to create reliable, repeatable designs, effectively collaborate with other project stakeholders, and export accurate construction documentations for project of all sizes. Trane Design Assist is a complementary, and brand agnostic resource to get pre-engineered solutions and system content using proven control standards and strategies. 


True sustainability means getting it right for both the building application and the climate

The myCO2e tool can help evaluate and justify a choice between different refrigerant selections in chiller-related products and quantify the carbon impact of the decision. If you are thinking about building decarbonization, this tool can help you evaluate carbon emissions associated with refrigerant selection. Compare any chiller industry-wide with different high and low GWP refrigerants.


Chiller performance evaluation for every situation

Accurately predict chiller performance and make quick, simple economic comparisons based on individual criteria like installation location, building purpose and chiller plant design.

Trane® Select Assist (Formerly known as TOPSS)

Flexible and powerful selection program for optimally configuring Trane equipment

Access guided assistance to meet or exceed project specifications with the ideal Trane equipment. Plus, easily share selection files with your Trane account manager.


Trane® /Mitsubishi VRF Diamond System Builder

Equipment selection and system layout software for easily designing VRF systems

This program provides start-to-finish functionality from design and specification to installation and start-up documentation.

  • Input specific project parameters and determine if adjusted heating and cooling capacities meet the required loads.
  • Built-in error indicators and safeguards make sure you don’t exceed system limitations and requirements.
  • Automatically generate AutoCAD schematics with wiring and piping diagrams, streamlining the installation process.
  • Output a spreadsheet of your system to simplify equipment list tracking.
  • Seamlessly save and share files across the DSB Cloud for effortless collaboration.

Calculators and Charts

We created these free resources to help make your design and analysis tasks easier. Click to learn more or to get started.

Use this spreadsheet to determine whether the HVAC equipment-and-refrigerant combinations in a prospective LEED project comply with the calculation method for LEED v4.


Use this spreadsheet to determine whether the HVAC equipment-and-refrigerant combinations in a prospective LEED project comply with the calculation method for LEED v3 (2009)


Use this spreadsheet to determine whether the HVAC equipment-and-refrigerant combinations in a prospective LEED project comply with the calculation method for LEED-NC version 2.2.


For professional reports, use this electronic psychrometric chart tool. Click to download this program to your PC. These charts focus on the range of temperatures most suitable for comfort-cooling HVAC applications, and include the Trane coil curves, which depict the condition of the air leaving a cooling coil.

Also, printed psychrometric charts are available to order.


Use this spreadsheet to calculate the condenser relief for input into System Analyzer™


Use this spreadsheet this spreadsheet to calculate the constant condenser temperature unloading curves for input into System Analyzer™ or TRACE™ 700.


HVAC Design Tools

HVAC design tools include such popular items as the Trane Ductulator™, psychrometric charts, and load estimating forms.

Learn more about the order process here.

Ductulator - Hand held rotating calculator used for sizing supply and return duct systems using the equal friction design method. Includes scales for friction loss per unit length, air volume, air velocity, round duct diameter, and rectangular duct diameters. One side uses English units, the other side uses Metric units. Includes a protective sleeve with ASHRAE recommended design air velocities for system components/applications. $12.00

Psychrometric Chart - std. altitude, 8.5" x 11" pad of 25. $7.50
Psychrometric Chart - std. altitude, 11" x 17" pad of 25. $10.00
Psychrometric Chart - std. altitude, 11" x 17" laminated chart. $15.00
Psychrometric Chart - high altitude (24 in. Hg), 8.5" x 11" pad of 25. $7.50
Psychrometric Chart - std. altitude, 8.5" x 11" pad of 25, SI units. $10.00
Psychrometric Chart - std. altitude, 11" x 17" pad of 25, SI units. $10.00
Psychrometric Chart - std. altitude, 11" x 17" laminated chart, SI units. $15.00
Equilibrium Chart for Lithium Bromide Solutions - 11" x 17" laminated chart. $15.00


Additional Design and Analysis Tools

System Analyzer drawing

System Analyzer

Compare initial evaluations of HVAC systems based on energy and economic performance

Learn More
Duct Work

VariTrane Duct Designer

Optimize duct designs while ensuring minimum pressure systems

Learn More

Trane Pipe Designer

Streamline the pipe design process

Learn More
Man testing acoustics

Trane Acoustics Program

Accurately predict and compare system sound levels

Learn More
Toolbox overflowing

Trane Engineer's Toolbox

Nine intuitive calculation tools to simplify HVAC design and service tasks

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