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Electrification of Heat Solutions

Let’s get serious about decarbonization.

Re-imagine efficient, low-carbon HVAC

As electric grids get greener, so can your HVAC. Power plants are decarbonizing, moving away from high-emissions fuels such as coal and oil, toward carbon-free energy sources including solar, wind, water and other renewables. As electricity becomes less emissions-intensive, electrified heating solutions can make a significant carbon-reduction difference.

That’s why many state and local regulations are mandating the transition to electric HVAC, utilities are incentivizing early adopters and companies are “going electric” to achieve net-zero emissions ESG sustainability goals.

HVAC electrification solutions from Trane

When electrification of heat becomes part of your building’s decarbonization journey, you can choose from a spectrum of hybrid or electrified heating that helps to enable a more sustainable future. Contact your Trane office. We can support you every step of the way.

Heat using electricity.

Do what makes sense for your building, your business, and the planet. We’ll help you choose the right products and design a system that reduces or eliminates fossil fuels from your building. Today you have a range of options, including hybrid or all-electric heating systems using heat pumps, dual fuel, heat recovery or thermal energy storage technologies.

Minimize the costs of electrification.

Our financing and energy services experts can lead you through project funding solutions and help you identify rebates, incentives and energy savings that make HVAC electrification more cost-effective than ever. Post installation, controls-connected energy monitoring/management system helps you optimize your entire system, making sure you maintain the efficiency standards your system was designed to deliver.

Keep electric HVAC reliable and efficient.

Proactive system management assures your occupants are always comfortable and your system runs at its best. Analytics created from your electrified system’s data allow your local Trane service team to proactively maintain and optimize its comfort and cost performance. We’ll check your carbon reduction progress, too.


Customized Electrification Solutions

Your best approach to HVAC system electrification depends on many things: the size of your building, the function it serves, climate zone, energy costs, and more. Your Trane Account Team can help you analyze which solution will work best for your building and business over the long term.

Join our Gigaton Challenge!

As a global climate innovator, Trane Technologies has set a goal or reducing one gigaton of carbon emission (CO2e) from our customers’ footprint by 2030.

Start your electrification journey