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Heat Pumps

All-electric or hybrid heat pumps for higher-efficiency heating and cooling

Scalable for all sizes and types of commercial buildings, heat pump solutions can make the switch to full or hybrid electric HVAC seamless. Trane can help you make the most informed choice possible for optimizing energy efficiency, surpassing decarbonization goals, meeting evolving building codes and more.

Heat Pumps Group

As part of a collaborative process with Trane, electrified HVAC systems can be expertly designed and implemented with reliable heat pump technologies and strategies. We can provide you with essential knowledge and heat pump innovation to reduce emissions and optimize performance.

Heat Pumps Are the Premier Means to Heat and Cool Buildings

  • tc-icon-performance-outline-blue-100.png

    Boost efficiency by 3 times more than other forms of electric heat

  • tc-icon-cooling-outline-blue-100.png

    Deliver reliable performance, even in cold temperatures

  • tc-icon-trees-planted-1-outline-blue-100.png

    Reduce environmental impact, leverage low-GWP refrigerants and fulfill ESG goals

  • tc-icon-federal-government-outline-blue-100.png

    Comply with evolving regulations and policies

Electric Is the Future

  • Solar and modern city skyline

    Able to heat or cool from one single source

  • New York City, NYC, USA

    Compatible with all sizes and types of commercial buildings

  • Technology Library Student Learning Concept

    Offer quiet performance with sound reduction options


Commercial heat pump systems heat or cool from one reliable unit using electricity from the grid.
Heat pumps pull heat from many sources— such as air, geothermal and waste heat— and use it to heat a building in the colder months.
Heat pumps flow in reverse and use refrigerants to cool a building in the warmer months.


What Are Trane’s Commercial Heat Pump Solutions?

Every building is unique. Every solution is different. Selecting the best commercial heat pump solution depends on your building application, climate zone and business targets, which Trane can help you unpack.

Packaged Units and Split Systems

Available in a broad range of sizes and options

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Water-Source Heat Pumps

Ultra-efficient and compatible with geothermal technology

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An all-electric heating and cooling solution designed to maximize comfort and minimize energy use without using fossil fuels

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Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

All-electric units that both heat and cool by efficiently transferring energy between the outside air and the building’s cooling/heating loop

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Comprehensive Chiller-Heater Systems

Ensure optimal HVAC performance and sustainability

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Provide high-efficiency heat recovery with simultaneous cooling and heating


Leverage a Holistic Heat Pump Approach

Compared to other providers, Trane’s wide range of fully packed heating and cooling equipment is integrable with building level controls and digital services. You tell us your vision, and we’ll help make it happen.

1. Assess

Local experts assess your spaces to start future-proofing them around your business goals, key regulatory drivers and available incentives.

2. Mitigate

Local experts provide best practices in heat pump system design that are specific to your application—including equipment and controls—and then implement the solutions.

3. Manage

Localized support and 24/7 remote connectivity provide ongoing optimization and proactive maintenance for continuous uptime and efficiency—even long after installation.


Contact Us for Expert Guidance