Self-Contained Systems

All-in-one and in control

For new construction or retrofit, Trane self-contained HVAC systems are a great fit.

Some projects can make installation of HVAC systems tricky. With a complete line of self-contained HVAC systems from 20 - 110 tons of capacity, Trane can satisfy any new construction or retrofit application with reliable, energy efficiency comfort.

Comprehensive line includes modular designs for tight spaces and faster assembly

Trane’s self-contained system lineup is ideal for older buildings and renovation projects too. Designed to fit in freight elevators and through standard doorways, modular options include “split-apart” systems, in which the fan/coil section splits from the condenser unit, or a completely modular, cassette-designed system with the smallest footprint and faster assembly.

  • Reliable energy efficiency

    A self-contained system from Trane is 17% more efficient than competitor units, and can deliver ultra-high efficiency with IEER ratings up to 20.8 IEER, depending on the model and configuration selected.

  • Choose your control interface – direct, through sensors or BAS

    Microprocessor controls offer direct or sensor interface for operating efficiency. Some self-contained models can be connected to a building automation system for enhanced monitoring, maintenance and performance optimization.

  • Designed for easier installation and service

    With factory-installed and tested options to reduce labor time and installation risk, designed-in enhancements and modular unit assembly for certain models – Trane self-contained systems make install and service easier.

Small to large self-contained HVAC systems from Trane 20-110 tons

Intellipak® Modular Series

Ideal for renovation and retrofit projects, offering reliable and quiet heating and cooling, and excellent energy efficiency. “Split-apart” modules make transport and set-up easy and fit through doors and on freight elevators. Factory-installed and commissioned digital controls, plus designed-in features for easier service.

20 - 35 Tons

Modular Self Contained™

The best choice for replacement and floor-to-floor applications. Most energy efficient self-contained system available, offering the smallest footprint and faster installation using cassette-based modular components

40 - 80 Tons

IntelliPak™ Signature Series

Water-cooled models to satisfy needs of larger floor plates and heavier loads in today’s construction market. Energy efficient, reliable comfort with compressors using innovative Trane 3-D® Scroll technology. Fully integrated digital controls for easy operation, diagnostics and service.

20 - 110 Tons