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Trane® Horizon® Family

Higher Indoor Air Quality. Improved Occupant Comfort.

Our family of outdoor air systems provides a range of units to meet your performance and budget goals.

  • Able to condition 100% of outside air year round
  • Reduce latent loads
  • Enhance thermal comfort and improve energy efficiency throughout the building
  • Maintain your building’s indoor air quality


  • Improved occupant comfort and building health

    Indoor air that’s too humid can result in occupant discomfort, mold and microbial growth, and even a shorter HVAC equipment life. A Horizon dedicated outdoor air system handles dehumidification independently from the rest of the HVAC system, ensuring the optimal level of moisture in your indoor environment.

  • Higher energy efficiency

    Both Horizon DOAS and Horizon Flex deliver dehumidification with a high level of energy efficiency. Horizon DOAS exceeds the minimum requirement from ASHRAE® 90.1, as rated by AHRI 920; while Horizon Flex is designed and certified to AHRI 340/360 and meets the minimum EER and IEER efficiency standards.

  • The performance you expect from Trane

    Trane has a long history of delivering high-performing, right-sized HVAC systems across a wide range of markets. Because our industry-leading expertise is embedded into the design and manufacture of every Horizon DOAS and Horizon Flex unit, you can be sure that it will meet or exceed your application’s demands.

A Family of Solutions

Horizon® Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

For buildings with the highest performance requirements, Trane’s Horizon Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) helps improve indoor air quality (IAQ) to keep your building optimized and your people comfortable. It eliminates excess moisture, preventing discomfort and the health risks associated with mold and microbial growth. Horizon DOAS is designed specifically to condition 100% outside air year-round, reduce latent loads, enhance the entire building system's comfort and energy efficiency, and maintain your building's health.

Horizon® Flex

Application-Specific Outdoor Air Systems

Not every building requires 100% outdoor air or a very low dewpoint, so why invest in more equipment than you need? While our Horizon Flex unit can deliver 100% outdoor air, many customers find that their application requires more than what is delivered in a standard unit but less than a 100% outdoor air, making the Horizon Flex the ideal choice for lower upfront costs.

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