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Trane Commercial Building Systems

Pre-engineered for efficient and cost-effective electrified solutions

Comprehensive Chilled Water Systems

Comprehensive chilled-water systems employ best practices in chiller plant design that align with current industry guidance for achieving high performance cooling, heating, and ventilation, all while reducing first cost.

Comprehensive Chiller-Heater Systems

Trane® Comprehensive Chiller-Heater systems, featuring electric heat pumps, provide cost-effective, energy-efficient, reliable cooling and heating, while reducing carbon emissions. Ideal for larger buildings, especially those with a central plant, these pre-engineered system solutions make electrified HVAC systems easier to specify and implement.

CoolSense® Integrated Outdoor Air Systems

The CoolSense® pre-packaged HVAC design system combines a dedicated outdoor-air system (DOAS) with chilled-water sensible-cooling terminal units to deliver a flexible, energy-efficient solution that enhances comfortable spaces and simplifies maintenance.

Intelligent Variable Air Systems

Trane Intelligent Variable Air systems simplify the design and implementation of systems that HVAC designers typically consider complicated and time-consuming. With new technologies and optimized controls, these systems are 20% to 30% more efficient than traditional multiple-zone VAV systems.

Thermal Battery Systems

Trane Thermal Battery™ systems are premier HVAC plants that provide a distributed resource for our changing grid. Their ability to store thermal energy enables your building to reliably modify HVAC operations to optimize for carbon reduction or energy cost savings.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

Regardless of the capacity, energy efficiency, functionality or performance-monitoring requirements, our VRF Systems Solutions, featuring Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric VRF Technology, are designed to exceed the comfort and sustainability goals established for commercial building projects.

Zoned Rooftop Systems

Ideal for small buildings, Trane® Zoned Rooftop Systems provide cost-effective options to increase comfort and energy efficiency, while simplifying operation and maintenance. These packaged systems make advanced functionality affordable and easy for non-technical users to operate.

Next Generation Refrigerants

The EcoWise® portfolio of products allow you to design lower environmental impact systems while simultaneously addressing your customer’s climate commitments and efficiency goals. Choosing the best refrigerant for each application should be based on a balance of safety, environmental impact and total cost of ownership. Let Trane's application experts guide you to the best refrigerant solution.



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Consuming and sharing relevant and timely industry updates is pivotal to your success meeting customer goals and staying aprised of technology and trends in buildings today. And it's key to our success as a partner in your work.  Find below a sampling of the latest spotlight resources and training for you to simplify professional development, in a meaningful way.

HVRF Webinar

[Webinar] Introducing HVRF: Combining Water and Refrigerant for a Sustainable HVAC Solution

Hosted by Trane, we'll explore how the new Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric HVRF two-pipe heat recovery system combines the best of VRF and a chiller system into one solution for maximum comfort, flexibility, and reduced refrigerant in the overall system.

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How Buildings Communicate

[Video] Connected Buildings: How Buildings Communicate

Buildings talk and when you understand what buildings are saying, you can do a lot with that information. Learn more about building communication protocols, mediums and topologies, how they can be used, and where to apply them.

Watch the Video
Electrification Whitepaper

[Whitepaper] Making Building Electrification Real

Along with energy efficiency, next generation refrigerants, safer refrigerant management practices and various efficiency-focused building upgrades, the electrification of heating and cooling is essential for reducing the environmental impact of buildings. Discover in our new whitepaper how Trane is evolving to advance electrification of heat designs for enhanced system capabilities.

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