The world is our building. Let’s engineer it together.

At Trane, we’re here to support, enable and educate you, so you can do what you do best. 

Overcoming the most critical challenges facing humankind requires the minds of engineers. All the ideas, theories and flashes of inspiration in the world are meaningless without the engineering might to figure out how to implement them. Whether it’s reducing energy intensity, improving building efficiency with an eye toward profitability, or cooling the data centers of an ever more data-dependent world, the challenges of the future are an engineer’s to solve. 

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Before progress happens in the world, it happens in the minds of engineers.  Inspire your minds and follow along with the latest industry updates, innovative product solutions, and educational opportunities for your unique development needs.

Wellsphere surrounds you with a team of experts in indoor air quality, thermal comfort, acoustics and lighting to help you evaluate and select the right solutions to provide the biggest benefit to occupants and the biggest return for your client's business. We also support you with the tools and resources to take your IEQ knowledge to the next level.