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Trane Engineers Newsletters are topical, informative articles that provide engineering professionals who design HVAC systems with reliable, objective, and technologically current information in a non-commercial format.

For 50 years, these newsletters have been published by Trane Applications Engineering group to aid engineers in the design and application of HVAC systems. Subjects range from acoustics to water piping to interpretation of ASHRAE standards. These newsletters have become a trusted technical resource, with a current circulation of more than 40,000.

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Heating with Lower-Temperature Hot Water

Historically, many hot-water heating systems were designed for 180°F supply. Then, with the increased use of condensing boilers, many systems began to be designed for lower hot-water temperatures (e.g., 140°F) to increase boiler efficiency. Today, growing interest in decarbonization and electrification has increased the use of heat pumps or heat recovery for heating buildings; technologies that benefit from even lower hot-water temperatures. This EN examines how to select coils for these lower hot-water temperatures, in order to maximize the performance of these newer heating systems.


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2022 ENL Program Line Up

March: Applying VRF for a Complete Building Solution Part II

May: Decarbonization of HVAC Systems Part II 

September: Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems Design

November: Cooling and Heating with Energy Storage

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Engineers Newsletter

Trane Engineers Newsletter Live

The year 2022 marks the 50-year anniversary of Trane’s Engineers Newsletter (EN) publication. This year, in addition to our quarterly topical newsletter publications, we’re going to highlight past newsletter topics as they relate to current issues and showcase past and current authors. 



Heat Recovery: 50 Years of the Engineers Newsletter
The warmth of the summer sun feels terrific after a lengthy, frigid winter but when it gets to be too much an escape to the cool, refreshing indoor air conditioning is a welcomed break. And living in western Wisconsin I can surely claim I enjoy both -- nothing feels more rejuvenating than an air-conditioned space after a hot, sunny day on the Mississippi River! My name is Dan Gentry, and I recently celebrated my five-year anniversary with Trane; I started my career with the company in the Centrifugal Product Support group. Previously, I worked in sales support at another chiller manufacturer where I primarily focused on heat recovery and heat pump type systems. About a year ago in the spirit of leveraging and strengthening my work experience, I transitioned to the role of Applications Engineer and now work with the field to help design energy efficient systems, many of which utilize some form of heat recovery, often with heat recovery chillers.
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