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ASHRAE® Design Guide for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation: An Author Q&A

Through the new Best Practices Guide from ASHRAE®, design engineers and end users can deep dive into the unique challenges and influencing factors for commercial kitchen ventilation. Follow along with Trane® Application Engineer and restaurant vertical market expert, Greg DuChane, as we discuss his perspective on this new publication.

Q: What are some of the challenges that face restauranteurs and their designers relative to restaurant HVAC and commercial kitchen ventilation design?

A: Restaurants pose unique challenges to engineers when designing HVAC systems. Considerations include the kitchen ventilation system, proper HVAC equipment sizing, outdoor air management to maintain proper pressurization - all while helping to meet the customers’ requirements and their need for efficiency while being mindful of the total cost of ownership.

Q: What was the goal of developing the ASHRAE Design Guide for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation?

A: A primary goal of the book, “ASHRAE® Design Guide for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation: Best Practices for Design and Operation” is to share with the HVAC and food service industry decades of research and design experience that transformed CKV systems. This culmination of work breaks down fact-based standards and best practices that rooted in scientific research and practical experience.

Q: Who can benefit from the ASHRAE Design Guide for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation?

A: This design guide was developed as a resource for engineers, owners, and operators to help them achieve optimal performance of CKV systems. Design engineers will be able to apply design considerations, equipment selections, and codes in this book to plan CKV systems that meet performance standards. In addition, they can amplify their understanding of testing, balancing, and commissioning procedures used to ensure CKV systems operate as designed. The Design Guide is also helpful in increasing the understanding of CKV applications for architectural designers, building developers and owners, maintenance professionals, students, and teachers.

Q: Which ASHRAE Technical Committee guided the content found in the ASHRAE Design Guide for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation?

A: ASHRAE® Technical Committee 5.10 (TC 5.10) has been an active committee for over 25 years and is comprised of industry experts from end users, owners, engineers, and manufacturers.  This invaluable resource brings together decades of CKV research and design experience, revolutionizing the way CKV systems are engineered and operated.

Q: How can Engineers and End Users access the Design Guide?

A: For complete, up-to-date Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System guidance, you can visit the ASHRAE bookstore to purchase a copy of the book or explore supplemental CKV resources. [LINK] And as always, Trane account managers are a great resource for local support and application questions.

Greg DuChane is a Trane Applications Engineer and a contributing author to this publication. 

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Eric Sturm, Applications Engineer

About the Author

Greg DuChane, Applications Engineer




Greg joined Trane in 1989 after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. Throughout his 34-year tenure, he’s worked with large, national retail and restaurant chains in various capacities—first as an account executive for Trane National Accounts, then as a regional sales manager for Trane’s global business development group, and recently as Key Accounts Sales Leader. His considerable experience with the application of unitary and dedicated outdoor-air systems, as well as ventilating the commercial kitchens of large restaurant chains, gives him a unique perspective on how such applications affect the HVAC systems in restaurant and retail applications.

Greg is past Chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee 5.10, Commercial Kitchen Ventilation, and is the current handbook chair. He is also a member of the Restaurant Facilities Managers Association (RFMA) Education Committee, a frequent speaker at their conferences, and a member of SPECS where he served on the Advisory Board.