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Top Five Business Benefits of Connected Buildings

Done right, connected buildings are future-proof and ready for the technologies and challenges of tomorrow.

The number of connected smart buildings is expected to reach 115 million by 2026, up from 45 million in 2022.1 Virtually any building can be a smart building, no matter its size, function or age. But why should you consider making the change? Here’s what connectivity can do for your business.

1. Reduce cost—Matching system scheduling to occupancy saves money by wasting less energy. BAS makes alignment to hybrid work schedules easier, and occupancy sensors can add real-time responsiveness.

2. Amplify positive climate impact—Improving energy efficiency is usually the first step in any building’s decarbonization journey (unless 100% renewable energy is in use). State-of-the-art building automation systems can reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings by up to 40 percent.2

3. Increase confidence—"Out of the building” no longer means “out of touch.” Connectivity is the technology enabler for mobile apps that keep secure remote system monitoring and management accessible by smart phones.

4. Maximize comfort—Building interiors are complex ecosystems that are affected by many factors: seasonal changes, daily temperature variations, fluctuating occupancy levels. Systems like lighting and HVAC can influence each other, too. Smart buildings can manage it all holistically, keeping spaces just right for human comfort and productivity.

5. Enhance consistency—When your company has multiple locations, creating a consistent brand experience means making sure space-to-space your buildings feel the same. Connected buildings make it easier to standardize temperature, ventilation, humidity and lighting… so that visiting your business always feels comfortably familiar.

Done right, connected buildings are future-proof and ready for the technologies and challenges of tomorrow. Trane makes the complex understandable and the difficult doable.

What’s Your Connected Building IQ?

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