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Refrigerant Transition Management

Trane has your transition covered.

Changing to next generation, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants is critical to lowering the carbon impact of buildings. As you face the new industry requirements, Trane can help.

Mechanic air conditioner technician using manifold gauge checking refrigerant for filling home air conditioning and air duct cleaning and maintenance outdoor compressor unit.

Trane has invested over 15 years and $500M to determine the next-generation refrigerants for our equipment and systems. We are taking a rigorous, unbiased approach to ensure that you experience the best possible balance of sustainability and efficiency.

Moving forward, you’ll need a complete plan. Trane helps assist from every angle.

  • tc-icon-optimized-equipment-outline-blue-100.png

    The right refrigerant for right now

  • tc-icon-heat-pump-2-outline-blue-100.png

    Full portfolio of low-GWP refrigerant heating and cooling equipment

  • tc-icon-equipment-fix-outline-blue-100.png

    Refrigerant transition support

  • tc-icon-alarms-outline-blue-100.png

    Leak detection monitoring

You’ll get the best refrigerant for today.

The change to refrigerants that are more friendly to the environment has been a long, ongoing journey. Right now, the HVAC industry is moving to next-generation refrigerants with less than 700 GWP, which can help to reduce GWP by 75%. Many of our water-cooled chillers have already changed, years ahead of mandated deadlines. Trane chooses the right refrigerant at the right time for each application. By evaluating multiple low GWP refrigerant choices, Trane can help deliver the performance properties you need.

You may not notice a difference. But the planet will.

We are transitioning Trane products to low-GWP refrigerants. We are thoughtfully engineering our product changeovers to deliver the performance you’ve come to expect while prioritizing the climate. Because exact refrigerant replacements do not exist, Trane holistically evaluates the hardware, lubrication, refrigerant and controls to closely replicate current performance with next-generation refrigerants. 

Trane can help mitigate complexity.

Some units containing next-generation refrigerants will require site modifications. We can help you understand how to bring your site into compliance. Additionally, Trane’s fully certified mechanical service technicians will practice professional refrigerant handling in compliance with EPA section 608. We can provide accurate leak rate calculations, take care of refrigerant activity recordkeeping and reporting and give you easy on-demand access to the documentation. 

Leak detection systems with the level of assurance you need.

Early leak detection is critical for safety and sustainability. Leak detection monitoring is required in certain buildings per ASHRAE® 15. Trane offers refrigerant monitors that are easy to operate, and capable of sensing multiple refrigerant types.

  • TruSense™ RMWH (provides earliest detection)
  • TruSense™ RMWG (split system)

And now, factory-installed leak detection systems are standard on commercial unitary products with more than 3.91 lbs. of A2L refrigerant charge per circuit, in accordance with UL 60335-2-40. 


When we’re servicing equipment in your building, safety comes first.

Trane is going above and beyond industry requirements when it comes to service. Trane technicians will complete training from the ESCO Institute on safe refrigerant handling. We’ve equipped them with the right tools for proper refrigerant handling. And our service vehicles will include a sealed partition as an added measure of safety. 

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