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With big data comes big energy demands. It affects your bottom line—and the planet we call home. But we believe better engineering can change the world.

It’s why we’re passionate about crafting cooling systems that are both reliable and incredibly energy efficient. Our expertise can help you spend more wisely, meet your sustainability goals and preserve a better future for all.

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Trane Data Center Solutions: Engineering a more sustainable planet.

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Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) Direct Expansion (DX)

When you need an adaptable solution, these remarkably compact, ultra-efficient air cooling systems are just the thing for small spaces.

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Green HVAC

6 Ways to Make HVAC Systems as Green as Can Be

Looking to take bigger strides to decarbonize? Take a few moments to read our new blog post.

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Class: Decarbonization/ Electrification of HVAC Systems

Class: Decarbonization/ Electrification of HVAC Systems

Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up for this free class covering electrification and how to do it the right way.

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Cooling Expertise for a Changing World

Less downtime. And tangible energy reduction. It takes a proven partner who understands your data center needs. Our offerings start with a world-class team of engineers, technicians and experienced energy specialists.

  • Unrivaled application expertise to optimize systems, maintain   uptime and meet evolving needs
  • Full portfolio of computer room air conditioners (CRAC) and handlers (CRAH) for mission critical applications
  • Proactive approach to system issues with nationwide service
  • Foresight to meet the trends of today and tomorrow

Decarbonization Assessment

The first move to decarbonization is taking stock of your energy use.Our signature Energy Checkup analyzes your utility interval data andprovides 3-D optical reports. From there, we can see where you areperforming well and where improvement is needed.

Scaling-Up Responsibly

As your data needs inevitably increase, we’ll make sure your operations can keep pace without derailing your sustainability efforts. Trane has global, in-region manufacturing capacity with the cooling equipment to match any tonnage.

  • Scale operations anywhere in the world
  • Scalable redundancy
  • Comprehensive management of energy supply, storage and demand
  • Unique ability to leverage thermal storage

Scaling-Up Faster

You can't grow a data center at dial-up speed. So, we’re built to move quickly. We can develop, design and deliver custom cooling solutions with remarkable efficiency—sometimes in as little as 8 weeks.

  • Robust, localized inventory stocking programs
  • Massive rental fleet for temporary, scalable HVAC along with the power to meet emergency demand
  • Highly skilled technicians available 24/7/365

Products & Services

You know your project goals. We’ve got the equipment, jobsite expertise and full-on commitment to help you make them a reality.

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Ford Motor Company

Customer Story

Ford Motor Company
Implementing an energy efficient, sustainable and reliable chiller plant at Ford’s Dearborn campus reduced their energy use by 540,288 kWh per year.
Cyxtera Communications

Customer Story

Cyxtera Communications
Upgrades to Cyxtera’s chilled water plant and pumping system controls saves them $2,124,000 per year at mission-critical data center.
ARRIS Group, Inc.

Customer Story

ARRIS Group, Inc.


3 Strategies to Future-Proof the Sustainability of Your Data Center
How do you meet the needs of your data center and business today while preparing for the future? Discover the 3 of the key strategies to future-proof the sustainability of your data center.


How to Design a Data Center with Heatwave Resiliency at its Core - Part 2
With temperatures rising across the globe and heatwaves becoming increasingly common, designing data centers to be resilient through extreme weather events has never been more important. But how exactly do you approach designing and building a data center today that can withstand future climate shifts?

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