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Energy Efficiency

Help reduce emissions and cost at the same time.

Decarbonization and energy efficiency go hand and hand

Energy efficiency means using less energy to produce the same (or better) results.

Whether you’re working toward a net-zero ESG goal, seeking compliance with local regulations and building codes, or looking for ways to reduce operating expenses, Trane’s energy-efficient HVAC equipment, controls and services can be a part of the solution. A big part.

How to Improve Energy Efficiency

Simply put, using less energy produces less carbon emissions. Trane is an HVAC equipment manufacturer, building automation and controls provider, and an energy services company. We know there are many ways to help improve any building’s energy intensity and costs.

Energy Services

Attack building inefficiencies from every angle

The envelope of older buildings can be a prime source of efficiency loss. Making improvements to prevent heat from entering or escaping can reduce the cooling or heating load. Looking inside the building, we can assess ways to reduce the use of natural resources such as reducing water consumption or upgrading lighting systems.


Connect and digitize performance management.

Trane’s HVAC equipment uses digital controls, which provide the data to feed building automation systems and intelligent services that optimize energy use.

Building Services

Prevent efficiency losses

Maintenance keeps your equipment operating at its best. Trane’s factory-trained technicians understand how to maintain equipment and system performance to minimize efficiency losses that correlate to more carbon emissions.


Select equipment with high efficiency ratings

Whether selecting equipment for a new building or retrofitting an existing building, choose our new and existing energy-efficient equipment models to take advantage of the latest in efficiency gains and comply with building codes.

We can help you assess the opportunities in your building to reduce carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency. New or old, any building can take steps to decarbonize.

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