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Looking Back on Engineers Week

Reflecting on the shared stories and experiences from different generations of Trane engineers as part of Engineers Week 2024.

On February 18-24, 2024, Trane celebrated Engineers Week by spotlighting engineers across all generations, sharing experiences throughout their careers. From expert advice from our most seasoned engineers to learning about the future through the eyes of brand new professionals, our Trane engineers all have unique perspectives on the opportunities and motivations that drive their passion for engineering. Here’s what we shared!

  • Day 1: Longevity in Engineering: Challenges, Opportunities and Finding your Passion

    Bill Faulkner’s tenure at Trane is 53 years strong and his wisdom robust. Read along as Bill shared his perspective; his excitement for finding new experiences every day and his emphasis on building connections with customers. Faulkner’s experiences throughout his career at Trane have also given him the opportunity to share valuable insights with the next generation of engineers.

  • Day 2: Applications Engineering Spotlight

    Engineers represent a wide array of individuals, their interests and passions, and personal experiences. On Tuesday, it was important to showcase our technical Applications Engineering Team through a fun spotlight series highlighting both their professional expertise and personal fun facts, and the well-rounded nature of our people – Engineers!

  • Day 3: Navigating an Engineer’s Journey Through New Roles and Phases of Life

    Life can take you on unexpected journeys, and for Tyler Malm that meant a change of location and new path in his career. On Wednesday, we shared a peek into his career journey, including his early visions, intentions and education, and where he’s ended up today. From starting as a sales engineer to pivoting into a product management role as the leader of the VAV portfolio, Malm’s career journey has taught him many lessons and created rewarding experiences at every step.

  • Day 4: Through the Eyes of A Young Engineer

    On Thursday, we heard from three young engineers in our Commercial sales offices. Each shared their perspectives as they embarked on their post-college and Graduate Training Program careers and entered the engineering field; both things they were prepared for and things they weren’t. These three engineers discussed their individual lessons learned as they started out and what has served as the biggest help to them in their new journeys.

  • Day 5: Welcome to the Future - An ADP Spotlight

    Every day, Engineers take on different roles, and that’s true in Trane Technologies too. As young professionals exit college and look for their ideal career path, from technical applications to sales roles, product design or sustainable initiatives, the Accelerated Development Program (ADP) offers them a unique rotation-based experience to learn about their areas of interest through greater exposure. On Friday, we highlighted three of the engineers in the Accelerated Development Program and asked about their inspirations, future goals, and passion for engineering. As the next generation of engineers, they truly represent the Engineers Week theme “Welcome to the Future”.

While Engineers Week falls only once a year, Trane celebrates engineers year-round because we too are an organization filled with engineers. Engineers deserve to be celebrated – their technical wisdom, experiences and lessons learned support the generation-to-generation progress this field, and our industry, are making for a more sustainable future.  The world is our building, let’s engineer it together.