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True sustainability means getting it right for both the building application and the climate

Refrigerants have a meaningful impact on chiller performance and the climate. Selecting low global warming potential (GWP) and low refrigerant charges can help lessen the CO2 impact of chillers. That’s why Trane offers the convenient myCO2e tool to provide the insight you need to make an informed decision. 

We make buildings future-friendly

The myCO2e tool can help evaluate and justify a choice between different refrigerant selections in chiller-related products and quantify the carbon impact of the decision. If you are thinking about building decarbonization, this tool can help you evaluate carbon emissions associated with refrigerant selection. Compare any chiller industry-wide with different high and low GWP refrigerants.

Version 1.6 of myCO2e is available for use with Excel and includes:

  • Side-by-side equivalent selections to determine an alternative charge of a chiller
  • Default assumptions / values for leak rates 
  • Examples of CO2 offset costs

Collaboration at every step

Need help determining which refrigerants to compare and how many pounds of refrigerant will be needed? Contact your local sales office for project-specific comparisons. 


Full Version

  • Version 1.7

    Size: 2.3 MB


Refrigerants: 50 Years of the Engineers Newsletter

Refrigerant manufacturers, the HVAC industry, and many others have been regularly challenged by evolving climate and environmental policies and continually pushed to adopt better, more environmentally friendly refrigerants.

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What's the Big Deal About the Refrigerants in My AC System?

Hear from Trane refrigerant expert, Keri Taylor, on upcoming and ongoing changes to refrigerant use in commercial buildings, what you can do to ensure you are ready, and how Trane can help.

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Important information you need to know about next-generation refrigerants

As the HVAC industry transitions refrigerants for chillers and other refrigerant-bearing equipment, you can leverage solutions to reduce costs, meet sustainability goals, and transition on your own timeline.

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HVAC Refrigerant Regulations: 3 Success Strategies Every Building Owner Should Know

There's good news and bad news when it comes to refrigerant regulations and it can be confusing to know what is right for you and your building. Discover 3 HVAC refrigerant success strategies and how the experts at Trane can help you navigate the related regulations.

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Refrigerant Management - Stay cool without compromise

The same refrigerants we need to run HVAC systems and keep our buildings comfortable can emit harmful greenhouse gases (GHG). Converting to next generation, low-GWP refrigerants is critical to slowing emissions. Regulations to mandate these changes continue to evolve. Knowing where to start with refrigerant conversion and management can feel overwhelming.

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