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Modernize Your Building: Upgrades and Retrofits

Preparing your building and its assets for today, tomorrow, and whatever's next.

It's Time to Teach Your Old Building New Tricks

The requirements of your building are changing at a speed faster than ever before. Occupants are now concerned about the air quality and sustainability of your operation while local and national regulations around efficiency and refrigerants continue to evolve. At Trane, we can help you with everything from turnkey building upgrades and retrofits to ensuring you are operating on the most up to date control system. We are well-versed in regulations and rebates to help you achieve your goals and can find ways to apply our newest technologies with minimal disruption to your daily operation.

Are you looking for a turnkey solution?

Our experts can help develop the best plan to bring your building up to speed.

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Explore Some Of The Ways You Can Upgrade Your Building

Building Control Upgrades

Technology continues to evolve - as do cybersecurity defenses, and IT compatibility requirements, and customers’ productivity expectations. Trane can maintain a high performing building by keeping building automation, HVAC, lighting and central plants up to date with the latest BAS innovations.

Learn More About Building Control Upgrades

HVAC System Upgrades

No matter your equipment type or age, we have upgrade solutions available for your installed Trane equipment. Our exclusive upgrades can help your HVAC systems to operate more efficiently and environmental friendly—from controls, to variable frequency drives, to refrigerant conversions and more, the possibilities are endless.

Learn More About HVAC Upgrades

HVAC System Retrofits and Replacements

Trane's experts can evaluate whether a retrofit or replacement will provide the better ROI. We provide service and support from conception to completion to select the ideal equipment and controls for your building, improve energy efficiency and even run the install project as your mechanical contractor.

Learn More About HVAC Retrofits and Replacements

Think Beyond HVAC and Building Automation

Replacing outdated lighting is a great way to save on operational costs while improving lighting quality. Upgrading older fluorescent lamp technology and first-generation LEDs can provide immediate energy, sustainability, aesthetic and productivity benefits. Even bigger opportunities exist just down the road, choosing the right solutions now will make it all more accessible.

Most of the things you do to reduce the energy intensity of your building are invisible to visitors. But not lighting. As you're upgrading lighting to reduce operating costs, decarbonize and be more sustainable, you can also change the indoor environment for the better. 

How can you do more with less?

Work with a Trane expert to explore financing and funding options or incentive programs to help you achieve your building goals within your budget.