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Lighting Solutions

Enable lighting that creates more efficient, optimized facilities

Transform your lighting to enhance the ambiance and performance of your spaces overall. Between indoor environmental quality (IEQ) improvements and significant energy and utility savings, your operational goals become more fundable and achievable.

high warehouse - indoor LED lighting

Illuminate a Brighter Future

Discover a win-win energy solution to drive value for your business and achieve your climate initiatives.

  • Environmental technology concept. sustainable ESG modernization development by using technology of renewable resources

    Reduce energy costs and carbon emissions

  • Vacant Office Lobby

    Improve occupant wellness, safety and productivity

  • Environmental technology concept. Sustainable development goals. SDGs.

    Modernize and prepare your building for a connected future


What Are the Benefits of Updating Lighting and Lighting Control Systems?

  • tc-icon-rental-systems-outline-blue-100.png

    Achieve greater energy efficiency

  • tc-icon-life-cycle-cost-outline-blue-100.png

    Increase light quality

  • tc-icon-discussion-outline-blue-100.png

    Enhance architectural aesthetics

  • tc-icon-active-monitoring-outline-blue-100.png

    Improve IEQ (indoor environmental quality)

  • tc-icon-federal-government-outline-blue-100.png

    Enable greater building connectivity and future-ready building automation

Proof Points

How Lighting Impacts Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

High-quality lighting has a direct impact on multiple critical factors of the indoor environment that affect human wellness.

Improved Student Performance

Dynamic lighting that’s adjusted based on student activity is correlated with higher alertness and test scores.1

Boosted Patient Health and Comfort

Human-centric LED lighting is connected to improved well-being.2 For ADRD patients, it resulted in 24% longer sleep cycles.3

Increased Employee Safety and Productivity

Enhanced lighting can increase productivity and work accuracy by as much as 18% and 12%,4 as well as lower the likelihood of slips and falls.


Why Choose Trane for Your Building’s Lighting Solutions?

Trane can meet your energy retrofit objectives safely and cost-effectively, using high-quality solutions that expand the possibilities of what lighting can do. Whether your goal is to improve your indoor environment, generate savings to fund other projects or enable greater control and connectivity, we can work with you to select a cost-effective, future-ready solution:

Reimagine your infrastructure and aesthetics with high-quality, efficient lighting solutions

Implement stand-alone sensors, room-based control, network lighting systems and building integration to enable space management

Monitor, measure and optimize building-wide lighting performance while lowering overall energy consumption


What Do Trane’s Lighting Solutions Look Like?

Basic TLED Solution

Optimize light output and heat dissipation with a dimmable and “controls ready” solution

Fluorescent Troffer Retrofit Kits

Get improved reliability and better thermal heat sinking

Flat Panels & Architectural Luminaires

Distribute light and eliminate shadow areas

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Learn More About Lighting Solutions & Their Outcomes

Revolutionizing Efficiency: SCDOT Headquarters' Energy Transformation

September 30, 2022

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[1] Choi, Kyungah and Suk, Suk, “Dynamic lighting system for the learning environment: performance of elementary students,” Optics, Express, Vol. 24, Issue, 10, Copyright 2016 Optical Society of America,

[2] Joseph, A., PhD., 2006, Impact of Light on Outcomes in Healthcare Settings, Published by the Center for Healthcare Design.

[3] Smart, D., Aug. 29, 2016,

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