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Be A Rainmaker.

High-Producing Indoor Ag Needs Innovative HVAC.

Solutions for Controlled Environmental Agriculture
Define your indoor growing conditions. Then let Trane be your climate creator.
When you’re into controlled environmental agriculture, you need a partner with deep roots in HVAC systems.

Grow sustainably.

Trane’s indoor ag system innovation is one part HVAC equipment and controls, two parts grow facility system design expertise. We’ll apply our proven products in innovative ways to establish and maintain the proprietary conditions you need, while growing your business sustainably and profitably with energy-efficient solutions that help reduce the energy intensity of your operations. 

Reliability comes first.

Maximize commercial production with grow room reliability and resiliency. Our HVAC equipment is designed for dependability, with field tested components, proven compressor technology factory-mounted controls and straightforward design. Watch and monitor grow room conditions closely with 24/7 active remote monitoring.

Local means available.

We’re right nearby, and available when you need us. Trane’s nationwide presence gives you the reassurance of a highly qualified local account team and technicians who can mobilize quickly to your grow facility. Strategic rental equipment warehouse locations expedite your emergency backup plans, too.  

Experience IEQ alchemy.

Controlled indoor ag is all about Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). Trane applies the same holistic methodology to establishing safe and productive environments for plants as we do for people. Our Wellsphere approach delivers temperature control, cooling, dehumidification, and lighting together. We look at how equipment and systems interact to optimize the genetic potential of your crop while doing so more sustainably. 

Use data to optimize growing.

Sophisticated processes generate data that feeds analytics, which you can use to maintain and improve growing conditions through the Tracer® Ensemble Building Management System. Monitor and manage one or multiple facilities with secure, 24/7 remote access, too. 

Product Solutions

Select from a broad spectrum of solutions tailored to your growing operation

It’s not a one-size-fits-all choice. Trane engineers help you to determine the best fit for your needs, with a broad selection of HVAC system components designed to support indoor agricultural applications, including:

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