Indoor Agriculture

Subtle nuances differentiate your crops. A perfectly-engineered growing environment could help you achieve the ultimate genetic potential of your plants. Meanwhile, customers and investors want to know that you’re doing right by the planet. At Trane, we consider it all. We have the practical experience and engineering expertise to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing indoor agriculture. Our holistic approach is at work in thousands of the world’s most critical buildings, from data centers to hospitals. We’ll help you simultaneously lighten your carbon footprint and reduce costs by optimizing energy use. And because we use open architecture technology, you’ll be able to add on to systems quickly and easily when you’re ready to expand.

Innovation rooted in proven solutions 

Designing HVAC systems that support genetic potential. Trane designs and installs complete HVAC systems for critical environments. Our solutions give you complete authority over temperature, humidity, CO2, and airborne pathogens. We can create your proprietary environment and replicate it in your next facility.

Providing digital technologies that keep you in control. Our Connected Building Solutions give you greater control over growing conditions. You’ll be able to monitor and manage all your growing areas and buildings remotely—using an app.

Reducing risks by providing hands-on service support. The nationwide Trane network of factory trained service professionals and parts centers is invaluable when growing conditions must be constantly maintained.

Elevating sustainability to strengthen your brand. Trane solutions range from energy-efficient HVAC equipment to Intelligent Services that help you reduce environmental impact and show the results. Our financing options can help you get started.  

Let’s go beyond…We’re combining industry experience, efficient equipment, intelligent services and comprehensive energy services to make growing facilities stronger and more profitable.

Sustainability is a priority at Trane. Learn more about Ingersoll Rand’s Climate Commitment..

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