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This is the login for Trane® Connect™ and other Trane® commercial applications. Trane® Connect™ is our secure, cloud-based customer portal to access your building systems to remotely monitor and manage building systems, and conduct routine maintenance.

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Upgrade & Modernize

Existing HVAC Equipment Upgrades

It's time to modernize your HVAC equipment. 

Trane's HVAC equipment is built to last. Just because you're not looking to replace your system, doesn't mean you can't experience the new technology that's shipping from the factory today. Let’s start by identifying the equipment you have installed. Choose your installed equipment below to explore upgrade options. 

CenTraVac® Chiller Upgrades

Our centrifugal chillers have been manufactured since 1938. Did you know we have CenTraVac chillers installed today that are over 45 years old? Whether your CenTraVac chiller is 10 or 40, we have exclusive offerings, from overhaul services to controls upgrades, available to bring your chiller into the 21st century.

Series R® and CGAM® Chiller Upgrades

Series R or CGAM, from screw to scroll chillers, we have solutions for over the life of your chiller. Whether yours is located outside or in your mechanical room, let us modernize your Series R or CGAM chiller.

IntelliPak® Upgrades

Our IntelliPak units are not your average rooftop, so why just provide average service and maintenance? Our upgrades, including the Trane exclusive IntelliPak Refresh is tailored to meet the needs of your unit—from a compressor swap to a refrigerant conversion—let Trane help unleash the full potential of your installed IntelliPak.

Custom Engineered Solutions

At Trane, we strive to go beyond. Have a chiller on the penthouse of a building that you would need to close down an entire street to replace? We can rebuild it on site. Have twenty rooftop units that need to be replaced but there’s no way to get a crane nearby? We can swap out the compressors. Let us go beyond for you, so you can worry about what matters—your customers and tenants.

Not sure what type of equipment you have or don’t see your equipment listed?