Crosstown Concourse is a Living Lesson in Sustainability

How can sustainable, smart buildings bring value to local communities? See the results of Crosstown Concourse's sustainable infrastructure project through a collaboration with Trane on initial redesign and ongoing building and energy management.

Five years ago, Crosstown Concourse building managers, Commercial Advisors, and the Crosstown Development Team entrusted Trane to help them redesign their building systems to lower operational costs, promote sustainability, and maximize the value of this historic landmark. 

Today, Crosstown Concourse continues to flourish and to enjoy the benefits and pride associated with their sustainable infrastructure. 

Explore their results and story:

  • Crosstown Concourse Customer Story

    Read the full customer story to learn more about how Crosstown Concourse and the experts at Trane worked together to achieve greater efficiency, showcase sustainability, reduce operational costs, enhance comfort, and increase asset potential of the community.

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