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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solutions

Expertise, services and solutions to improve your building’s air quality and achieve a healthier, more viable space for those inside.


What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air circulating in and around your building. While often invisible to the naked eye, there are many airborne pollutants and other health risks in the built environment. Understanding what’s in the air you breathe and taking measures to improve your indoor air quality can have a profound impact on the health of your building and those inside it.

Company Group Meeting
Company Group Meeting

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The most effective way to improve your indoor air quality is to implement personalized solutions that balance the well-being of your occupants with your business and energy goals. That’s why our process begins with an IAQ assessment to understand your operational challenges, evaluate your current air quality and provide recommendations for improving it. From there, your dedicated Trane expert will create a portfolio of solutions backed by ASHRAE® and REHVA® guidelines and designed to dilute, exhaust, contain and clean the air in your building. By aligning our building expertise with your business realities, we’re able to provide individualized strategies that help you make the right IAQ investment and add value to your building for years to come.

How do you Monitor Indoor Air Quality?

In order to effectively monitor indoor air quality, you need to be able to visualize your building data and make changes in real-time. Trane’s integrated monitoring and controls solutions make that possible. Complete with remote connectivity and up-to-the-second dashboard reporting, our app-based technology gives you 24/7 visibility into your air quality to make precise optimizations and share status updates with stakeholders from anywhere in the world. This allows you to monitor performance with confidence and take control of your investment.

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What are the Benefits of Improving Indoor Air Quality?

Improving your indoor air quality is one of the most effective ways to address airborne health risks in your building. According to the Center for Disease Control, infectious germs are commonly spread through respiratory droplets1. That makes air quality a primary factor for human wellness. Not only that, clean, well-optimized air can boost productivity levels and potentially reduce your energy costs as well. While its impact on your facility ultimately depends on a variety of factors unique to your business, there are some common ways you stand to benefit from IAQ :

  • Mitigate airborne pollutants in your building
  • Protect the health and well-being of your occupants
  • Maintain comfortable humidity levels year-round
  • Reduce energy costs with improved air flow
  • Achieve a more energy-efficient and sustainable operation
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1 “Cleaning and Disinfecting for Households: Interim Recommendations, Detailed Disinfection Guidance.” Center for Disease Control. Updated July 10, 2020.

How Trane Can Help

It can be hard to know where to begin optimizing the conditions in your space. To help you make the right investment for your building and business goals, Trane follows a proven 3-step process to assess your indoor air quality conditions, provide data-driven IAQ recommendations to mitigate your challenges and implement intelligent controls and monitoring solutions to maintain performance long-term. Compliant with the latest recommendations and guidance for IAQ, you can be confident that Trane’s IAQ solutions are designed to run optimally and endure for years to come.

IAQ Solutions

Trane offers a wide range of indoor air quality products and solutions as part of our 4-pillar approach to dilute, exhaust, contain and clean the air in your space, Explore Trane’s indoor air quality portfolio below.

Trane® Horizon® DOAS

Our family of dedicated outdoor air systems provides a range of units to meet your performance and budget goals.

  • Condition up to 100% of outdoor air year-round
  • Reduce latent loads
  • Enhance thermal comfort and improve energy efficiency throughout the building
  • Maintain your building’s indoor air quality


Synexis® is a bio-defense firm behind a new and innovative technology that takes humidity (H2O) and Oxygen (O2) from the air and converts it into Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) to reduce the presence of unwanted microbes from the air and surfaces in your building. To help you maximize the impact of DHP on your building, Trane uses a unique 3-step process to confirm how DHP fits as part of your greater IAQ solution to optimize performance and identify the key metrics and targets to help manage goals. Learn more about how Trane can help you take advantage of DHP technology from Synexis.

Trane® Catalytic Air Cleaning System (TCACS)

The Trane® Catalytic Air Cleaning System is a powerful three-in-one application that eliminates organic contaminants from the outside air before they enter your building. When external airflow finds the TCACS, it passes through an innovative blend of filtration, UVGI and photocatalytic oxidation barriers designed to capture large contaminants like mold spores and pollen, then neutralize and decompose smaller microorganisms such as viruses, VOC’s and odors. The end result is clean, sterile air by the time it reaches your space. Click to learn more about TCACS today!

Filter Solutions

In accordance with the latest CDC and ASHRAE® guidance, Trane offers a broad portfolio of High-Efficiency filters including MERV 13 filters designed to capture many of the larger biological contaminants and particles in the air, such as mold spores and pollen. But not all HVAC units are big enough to install MERV filters, in which case you may require a combination of technologies to achieve your IAQ goals.


HVAC filters deter large organic compounds like mold spores and pollen. That’s why more and more buildings are turning to a purification technology called UVGI as a way to mitigate smaller microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria, viruses and more. UVGI, or Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation, uses short wavelength ultraviolet light (UV-C) to sterilize the microscopic contaminants that filtration systems miss. Designed to operate in both unoccupied spaces and in-duct environments, UVGI is a versatile extra layer of protection against airborne health risks in your building.

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Efficacy Testing

Efficacy Testing

With so many air cleaning solutions on the market today, the CDC tells consumers to validate facts from the source before making a purchase. In accordance with the CDC, Trane® recently conducted third-party testing and comparative analyses on the latest IAQ solutions to empower our experts with fact-based insights and continue providing informed recommendations to address your unique challenges.

Explore Efficacy Testing
IAQ Award

IAQ Award

Trane’s Air System Quality Recognition Award recognizes buildings that comply with the latest industry guidelines for IAQ. Complete with digital assets and a distinct window emblem, the IAQ Award is an effective way to visibly demonstrate your commitment to human wellness and instill confidence with your occupants.

Explore IAQ Award

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