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Trane Commercial Rentals

Trane Rental Services provides scalable cooling, heating, and power for unique applications, unusual situations and special events. Call us, and in no time at all, we can set up, install and operate equipment for your requirements—indoor or outdoor, short- or long-term, large project or small.

Trane offers portable HVAC rental to suit your needs. From portable chillers to cooling towers to generator rental—we have just the Commercial and Industrial HVAC Rental Equipment you need in an emergency, to build your contingency plan, or to supplement your HVAC needs during a scheduled repair or replacement or during extreme temperatures. 


Rental Equipment

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

Our state-of-the-art packaged rooftop rental AC units provide quiet and efficient temperature control and are modified to be lifted by crane or forklift.

View Air Conditioner Rentals
Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Chillers

Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Chillers

Whether you need an air-cooled chiller rental, ideal when speed, ease of installation and reliability are your primary concerns, or a temporary water-cooled chiller, which can be modified to install easily to provide fast temporary backup or added capacity, Trane Rental Services can help.

View Chiller Rentals
Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

Rent our cooling towers as standalone units or paired when water cooled applications are needed.

View Cooling Tower Rentals
Air Handlers

Air Handlers

Trane offers the most robust AHU in the industry. Our custom engineered air-handling units are the right solution for larger jobs and are outdoor rated and sized for 100 percent outside air.

View Air Handler Rentals
Electric Heaters

Heating Equipment

Heating Equipment from Trane Rental Services provide clean, electric heat that is free from the moisture and fumes associated with other types of heating.

View Heating Equipment Rentals
Diesel Generators


Whether you need to power one of our temporary cooling solutions or just need additional power, Trane has temporary power ranging from 36 kW to 1.5 MW.

View Generator Rentals

Rental Services

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

When weather, fire and other unpredictable events disable HVAC and power systems, Trane responds quickly and professionally—daytime, nighttime, weekends and holidays. We operate with the strength of a national company and the responsiveness of a dependable local shop.

Learn More About Emergency Response
Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

If you’re planning for facilities and process maintenance that will temporarily take the regular HVAC, chilled water and power systems offline, let Trane's experienced rental specialists help you make a plan. Trane’s rental equipment can keep buildings comfortable and critical processes operational for the duration of planned maintenance, shutdowns and turnarounds. We’re all about providing the safety, on-time responsiveness and system performance that are critical to keeping projects on time and on budget.

Learn More About Planned Maintenance
Contingency Planning

Contingency Planning

Only a thorough contingency plan ensures you have properly assessed your risk and have the right backup systems and strategies in place to activate on a moment’s notice. Trane can help. Our experts work closely with you using a strategic, multi-step approach to identify, prioritize and mitigate the risks you face. You get an action plan to safeguard your critical operations and peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared.

Learn More About Contingency Planning

Request Rental Services

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