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When it has to be right

Trane Rental Services provides tailored solutions for every building, no matter how complicated. 

What do hospitals, ice rinks, data centers, event venues and educational institutions have in common? It may seem like very little, but every building where people live, work, play, learn or heal presents a need for HVAC solutions that help keep the space comfortable and productive. Trane Rental Services has over three decades of experience creating application-specific solutions based on the requirements of customers across industries and markets around the globe. 

Whether you need to rent portable air conditioning untis for a one-time event in the park, contingency cooling for planned factory maintenance or immediate help keeping servers cool, Trane Rental Services has the experience and application expertise to keep your business thriving. 

short-term solutions
Short-term Solutions

Rental HVAC for planned downtime during expansions, upgrades and maintenance

The benefits of renting with Trane

Emergency Response
Emergency Needs

Temporary heating rental and cooling solutions—24/7/365

Trane Rental is who you need in an emergency

Contingency Planning

Documented approaches to help you prepare for the unexpected 

Plan ahead with Trane Rental Services


Explore how we tailor our approach to every application.

When you’re in the business of building products, your facility needs are quite different than those in the business of educating students. And the cooling needs of a hospital are completely different than the energy requirements of a modest restaurant or massive data center. No matter what the mission of your business is, our mission is clear: Provide rental HVAC solutions selected and sized specifically for your business and your unique needs. 

Safe, simple and sustainable beyond the surface.

We partner to provide a premier ice experience in any season. Trane Rental Services offers cost-effective and sustainable OEM rental chillers, HVAC solutions and power generation for permanent and temporary rinks. Our fleet of rental solutions can serve almost any ice rink application meeting a wide range of performance, capacity and cost requirements. It’s your home ice, and we’ll make you proud—with none of that annoying wet ice!

  • One-stop solution enabled fast construction of a seasonal outdoor skating rink; helping to increase revenues by $50,000. Read the full story here.
  • Supplemental cooling kept one NHL team focused on the playoffs and not on rising temperature and humidity. Learn more.
  • Multi-sport ice complex needed a partner that could juggle varied application requirements rink by rink. See how here

Big data doesn’t have to mean big energy demands. 

AI, 5G and “smart everything” have created an unprecedented demand for data centers. Enterprise, colocation and Hyperscalers alike have to be concerned with maintaining power without creating unmanageable stress on the energy grid or the planet. Trane’s rental fleet of air- and water-cooled chillers can provide the mission-critical cooling you need while helping you optimize your energy load. When downtime isn’t an option, you can trust Trane Rental Services to keep you up and running.

  • Read more about our rental solutions for Data Centers

No margin for error—precision HVAC solutions

In high-tech manufacturing, even the smallest deviation from strict environmental requirements can impact product quality. Trane’s rental HVAC solutions can provide temporary stopgaps, short-term scalability or ongoing backup cooling to ensure precision-controlled temperature, humidity and air quality—taking your facility from being one more thing to manage and making it an asset for product superiority.

  • Manufacturer sought a trusted collaborator in system design, customer service and comprehensive rental solutions. Learn more


How soon can I expect to get rental equipment?

We understand that downtime is simply not an option. We’ll work with you to get you the equipment you need as quickly as possible—in many cases within 24-48 hours.   


We have stringent uptime requirements; can you help us guarantee productivity and performance?

Planning for the unexpected is part of our DNA. We’ll work with you to create a contingency plan that details exactly what your facility needs if equipment goes offline. At the first sign of trouble, Trane Rental Services can provide backup or supplemental HVAC or power generation to keep your system up and running. 


Can you help us get up and running? We don’t have the bandwidth to support install and startup.

We operate with the reach of a national company and the responsiveness of a contractor down the street. No matter what your project size or need may be, we’ll provide end-to-end support, including startup and servicing of your temporary HVAC equipment for as long as you need us. Just think of us as your easy button. 


We’re growing quickly and building a new facility, but lead times on our permanent HVAC system are over a year, can you help in the meantime?

Trane Rental Services goes far beyond emergency and short-term solutions. We can work collaboratively with you to help you scale by providing the temporary cooling, heating or power equipment you need to stay on track with your growth goals—whether you need our equipment for a week, a month or a year. 


We’re not your average 3-story office building, how do you determine what we need to rent?

Trane Rental Services is more than just a storage facility for temporary HVAC equipment. Our solutions come with the HVAC and building automation system design expertise you’d expect from a major OEM. Our application engineers, technicians and sales team will work with you to identify and document your requirements, design a temporary HVAC solution that will meet your needs and install equipment to make sure your system is exactly what you need. We use proprietary sizing and design tools that ensure that we will provide you with the exact right fit for your needs. 


We need confidence that our HVAC systems are always performing and assurance that problems can be fixed quickly, how will you keep us always up and always on?

We know that no matter how long you’re planning to use Trane Rental Services, you need your temporary equipment to perform with the precision and reliability you trust in your own HVAC system. In addition to rigorous testing and updates, our units can be enabled with digital controls that allow for remote monitoring and in many cases remote remediation of issues. We will work with you to understand the level of support you need so you can rest assured someone is keeping an eye out for early indicators that equipment could need service support. 

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Ready to put Trane Rental Services to work for you?

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Every job and application is unique; the time to disassemble or reassemble, tools required, and number of technicians are estimates and may vary depending on the specific application and job.