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Benefits of Trane Rental Services

Learn what Trane can do for you that others can't.

Whether it’s extra cooling needed during extreme weather conditions or a short-term replacement following an emergency, businesses sometimes require equipment to cool, heat or power an indoor environment on a temporary basis.

Trane Rental Services can do just that, delivering fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions when you need them. Trane Rental Services can also help you meet your sustainability goals as all of rental equipment is energy efficient and our team helps minimize waste by recommending only the equipment you need.

A temporary rental system can keep your business operational while you repair, replace or upgrade your existing system. A rental system can also be used for proof of concept for a future Trane equipment purchase. Trane’s temporary rental systems are also helpful in alleviating project delays and extended lead times.

Trane Rental Services provides scalable cooling, heating, and power for unique applications, unusual situations and special events. Call us, and in no time at all, we can design, install and operate equipment for your requirements—indoor or outdoor, short- or long-term, large project or small.

Our team of account managers, engineers, service technicians and logistics professionals can rapidly transform the equipment you need into a smoothly functioning system that will exceed your expectations.

A More Sustainable Future

Sustainability has always been part of Trane’s core strategy. Trane Rental Services is rooted in a better tomorrow and more sustainable future with integrated diagnostic metrics rooted in lowering energy usage, reducing emissions, and saving you money. Trane’s Tracer SC+ and Connect Equipment technology helps you stay one step ahead of your problems with remote capability and power utilization. Trane Rental Service has the expertise and collaborative partnerships to advance these goals and raise expectations for providing the most efficient temporary solutions possible. We have the technology, focus, and resources to team on a case-by-case basis to steward the best solution for your unique and individual applications and sustainability goals.

Equipment Overview

Trane Rental Services has an impressive array of heating, cooling, and power generation equipment. Our capabilities include 1- to 1,000-ton units of cooling, 140 kW to 1.5 MW of power generation, electric and indirect fired heaters up to 512,000 Btus.

It’s Not Just a Rental, it’s a Trane.

Anyone can rent you equipment. Here’s what sets Trane Rental Services apart:

Advanced Technology
We provide the same advanced equipment that has made Trane the leader in HVAC applications.

  • Latest models with annual fleet updates
  • Compatibility with building control systems
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting capability

Modified for Temporary Applications
Our equipment is modified for easy installation and operation.

  • Integrated lifting frame for overhead crane or forklift use
  • Altered for quick connects
  • Designed for durability and transportation to support customers across North America

Superior Service
Our highly trained service staff is available 24/7 for emergency, equipment and customer service support.

  • 150 Locations in North America
  • 230 Parts Centers
  • 2,600 Technicians

Reliable Equipment
Our equipment is constructed as new original equipment for our rental fleet.

  • Youngest equipment fleet in the industry
  • Equipment undergoes regular run testing and full maintenance

Trane's Rental Services Crew Brings the Expertise You Need

Request Rental Services

Call  833-926-6563

Customer Stories

  • Leading High-Tech Manufacturer

    A leading High-Tech Manufacturer relies on Trane Rental Services for new facilities. The manufacturer sought a trusted collaborator in system design, customer service, and comprehensive rental solutions.

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