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Customer Story

Leading High-Tech Manufacturer

A leading High-Tech Manufacturer relies on Trane Rental Services for new facilities. The manufacturer sought a trusted collaborator in system design, customer service, and comprehensive rental solutions.

Products Used: Chillers,

Services Used: Rental Services,

Topic: Products and Solutions , Efficiency, Cost-Saving,

Project Length: 8 years

  • 500-ton Air-Cooled Chiller
  • 1,000-ton Water-Cooled-Chiller


In today's highly competitive high-tech market, where speed and efficiency are paramount, a leading high-tech manufacturer embarked on the construction of a new corporate headquarters and large-scale manufacturing facility. Building projects of this magnitude are notoriously complex and time-consuming. Timely completion is crucial for sustained business growth, with the added benefit of gaining tax credits and market dominance. To ensure the success of this ambitious undertaking, the manufacturer sought a trusted collaborator in system design, customer service, and ultimately, comprehensive rental solutions. Trane Commercial, renowned for its superior reputation, emerged as the optimal partner collaborator for their needs.


Streamlined System Design for Optimal Operations: Given the intricacies of the project, the high-tech manufacturer initiated a bidding process to find the most suitable partner. Ultimately, Trane Commercial's unparalleled reputation led them to engage with the manufacturer for the overall system design. The manufacturer required a system capable of withstanding the most extreme temperatures to future-proof their operations while ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

Comprehensive system design ensured efficient operations  

Flexible Rentals for Agility and Adaptability: During the planning stage, the project team identified a crucial gap that could best be filled through rental solutions. Trane Rental Services presented the manufacturer with the immediate availability and flexibility needed to meet their aggressive project scope and production timeline. By providing a comprehensive temporary chiller system inclusive of design, turnkey installation, service, and all essential components, such as power generators, heat exchangers, pumps, and hoses, Trane Rental Services simplified the process, eliminating the need for the manufacturer to manage and procure the pieces individually. This decision not only optimized their operations but also entrusted a single provider with the overall success of their cooling systems.

Adapting to Changing Needs: Building projects often experience changes and refinements as designs evolve and more efficient equipment enters the market. Opting for temporary HVAC rentals enabled the manufacturer to promptly access the equipment necessary for immediate operational readiness. As the project progressed, they could seamlessly exchange equipment for the latest and most efficient options, ensuring the right solutions at each stage of completion. This same approach provides the manufacturer equivalent benefits after project completion through the anticipated rapid expansion of their facility, moving forward.

Resilience in Extreme Weather: Given the increasing occurrence of extreme weather events, constructing a system capable of withstanding harsh conditions was paramount. Trane's meticulous planning and expertise allowed the manufacturer to build a robust system designed to endure high temperatures and unexpected weather events. This proactive approach helped to minimized the risk of operational disruptions and significant financial losses. The manufacturer gained confidence in their equipment's ability to perform optimally even during the hottest days of the year.

Seamless Maintenance and Servicing: Another noteworthy aspect of the Trane rental agreement was its comprehensive coverage of all maintenance and servicing requirements. Unlike previous providers that levied additional charges for such services, Trane Rental Services included all maintenance and servicing within the main rental agreement. This ensured consistent costs while guaranteeing uninterrupted facility operations.

Long-Term Collaboration and Adaptability: The partnership collaboration between the manufacturer and Trane flourished into a trusted, long-term collaboration. Over a span of 8 years, Trane's expertise and experience enabled the manufacturer to adapt their equipment and processes to align with changing and rapidly expanding business needs. The manufacturer found solace in Trane's engineering prowess, relying on their guidance for the design and construction of new facilities and prompt adjustments during extreme weather events.

Mitigating Supply Chain Challenges: By embracing rentals throughout the project, the manufacturer successfully mitigated supply chain challenges that often cause delays in equipment procurement. By ensuring their facilities operated at full capacity throughout each phase of construction, they minimized the impact of supply chain disruptions and maintained progress toward their production goals.


Trane Rental Services played a pivotal role in the successful completion of the high-tech manufacturer's new facilities. Leveraging Trane's expertise, the manufacturer optimized their cooling operations and achieved a future-proofed system capable of adapting to evolving needs. With Trane's unwavering support, the manufacturer can confidently navigate extreme weather events, maintain consistent peak production levels, even amidst expansion, and continue to uphold their position as a leader in the high-tech manufacturing industry.

Trane Rental Services

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