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Systems Integration

Mix ‘n match is no problem: We work with any brand of equipment

Trane’s seamless integration capabilities pull all your systems together

You choose the best products you can for your building systems, based on technology, features and cost. That means you probably have different providers for various building systems, like HVAC, lighting and security. That’s no problem for Trane. We’ll get all the components “talking” to each other and sharing data so you can focus on managing your systems and optimizing your building.

Open communication standards unlock the potential

Tracer® Ensemble® and Tracer® Synchrony® communicate to building systems using industry open-standard protocols that enable the exchange of data and information between the systems, such as BACnet, ASHRAE® Standard 135, ANSI and ISO 16484-5.

We’re experts at putting the pieces together for building automation

It’s not just plug and play. Trane has industry-leading integration capabilities. We’ll connect your various systems so they work together smoothly and transparently to share the data and insights you need for a robust and powerful building automation system.

Comprehensive building information and insights -- seamlessly

Trane knows building automation and we know how to make it work. You’ll get insights and metrics to help you reduce operating costs and improve the performance and efficiency of your building. Reliably and seamlessly.

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