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Building Control Solutions

Orchestrating systems for sustainability, efficiency, productivity and comfort.

Connectivity is the future

With the right controls,  HVAC systems can do more than ever. Buildings can be more sustainable. System operators can work more intuitively to manage comfort and energy better. In fact, the scientists of Project Drawdown say that state-of-the-art building automation systems can reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings by up to 40 percent.

Trane provides end-to-end connectivity solutions and strategies for buildings of every size, function and age.

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The well-connected building

Trane’s solution is anchored by our Tracer® SC+ building automation platform. It also includes end-to-end products, from sensors and equipment controls to full enterprise management. The real magic lies in our vast systems expertise. Trane can transform the way systems interact with each other, and how people interact with equipment. You’ll notice the difference through our pre-engineered applications and intuitive user interfaces. It’s all about building in excellence to take away complexity.  

Tracer SC+ Building Automation System

Our building automation system can scale up as needed, so you can add capacity and functionality as your building and technology evolve. Tracer SC+ leverages standard, open BACnet® protocol to connect and integrate both Trane and non-Trane devices. Our system experts program professional strategies and algorithms into Tracer SC+ before shipping, so it delivers optimal performance for the needs of your building—right out of the box.

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Symbio® HVAC Equipment Controls

Full building automation begins at the equipment level. Our digital Symbio unit controllers provide secure remote connectivity, and can readily adapt to changing regulations or operating needs. Service-minded features make installation and maintenance easier for your staff and technicians.

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Zone Sensors and Thermostats

Any high-functioning HVAC system starts in the room, with sensors that accurately read and convey temperature, humidity, and CO2. Our complete family of sensors features both wired and wireless models. Wireless can be even more reliable than wired options today. Trane’s Air-Fi® Wireless sensors offer twice the signal range and four times the potential paths compared to other wireless systems on the market.

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Power and Energy Meters

Our Power and Energy Meters provide an exceptional solution for measuring energy data, with a built-in integrator and power supply. Maximizing energy efficiency requires a cost-effective, easy-install solution for accurate power monitoring, and Trane delivers.

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Third-Party Integrations

Your building has many systems, and Trane can bring them all together. Tracer SC+ leverages open standard protocols to easily integrate various equipment brands and multiple functions such as lighting and security.

Digital Services

Our digital services leverage your data and Trane’s analytics to create simple dashboards that can help you to understand performance of your building and its assets. Dashboards can help to find opportunities for increasing efficiency, decreasing energy use, and increasing productivity through system optimization.

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Let’s Get Connected

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System management, any way you need It

Tap into the power of the Tracer SC+ building system with user-facing software that provides the true functionality you need. Manage one facility, an entire campus, or a network of buildings scattered across the country. Trane has a solution for each scenario. Every touchpoint features impressive graphics and logical functionality, designed to provide easy access to the full power of your building automation system.

Access building automation securely and remotely from a mobile device or PC, or by an optional 10" touchscreen display on site.

Pivot Smart Thermostat

A web-enabled, smart thermostat for light commercial applications where owners want to simplify scheduling and maximize energy savings. Pivot is easy to use with an intuitive touchscreen, customizable display, and a mobile app for secure remote access.

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Tracer Concierge

Tracer Concierge brings the power of building automation to smaller and less-complex buildings, affordably. This light commercial building management solution features a simplified user interface that makes sense to non-technical users. Installers appreciate its helpful setup wizard.

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Tracer Synchrony

Tracer Synchrony is capable of more sophisticated HVAC control needs, like demand management and chiller plant optimization. This web-based software for building operators comes with Tracer SC+ as the standard user interface.

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Tracer Ensemble

Our full-powered, enterprise level building management software is made with the rigorous needs of facility professionals in mind. Tracer Ensemble provides easy-to-understand dashboards, energy and performance reporting, simplified alarm management and scheduling, for one or multiple buildings. Along with the system control you’d expect, it also includes asset management and tenant request functionalities.

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Looking for Controls Software Downloads?

Ongoing Optimization

Once your building is connected, we can help you establish a more proactive approach to maintaining the control system and keeping it optimized. Our digital services use your systems’ data and Trane analytics to create informative dashboards that describe the performance of your building and its assets., like the HVAC equipment. You’ll discover opportunities to decrease energy use and increase productivity through system optimization. Worried about energy costs? We can help. The first step to making improvements is knowing where performance currently stands, so we’ll begin by taking baseline energy measurements. 

System Maintenance

It’s important to maintain the mechanical equipment in your building. It’s equally important to maintain the building automation system by keeping software and hardware up to date. Trane regularly introduces protections against the latest cyber security threats and introduces incremental productivity improvements. Our cloud solutions ensure that you’ll automatically receive upgrades as soon as they are released.

Cybersecurity and Building Automation Systems

At Trane, we take cyber threats very seriously by integrating cybersecurity best practices into our entire line-up of building automation systems. Our controls are designed to proactively provide protection against incidents using tools such as encryption, multiple layers of access control and authentication to protect your data. 

Customer Stories

Learn how Trane helped these customers take back control of their buildings.

Grand Hyatt New York

A building automation retrofit and energy management system implementation reduced energy use by 1,328,335 kWh and CO2 emissions by 916 metric tons, lowering operating costs of controlled systems by more than $271K and allowing the hotel to capitalize on utility company energy savings rebates and building automation system rebates estimated at more than $600K.

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1177 West Hastings

Comfort wasn’t an issue at the West Hasting office building. The original-construction chillers, installed almost fifty-years ago, were handling load requirements. However, Golden Properties knew there weren’t a lot of years left in the aging equipment and wished to upgrade to new technologies that would not only reduce energy consumption, but also provide options to enable more efficient building operations.

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SC Department of Transportation

SCDOT wanted to be able to manage issues on their own, and a key factor that allowed them to do so was the conversion of the building’s pneumatic controls to a Trane Tracer Ensemble web-enabled enterprise-wide, building management system (BMS). This BMS enables the SCDOT management team to remotely monitor vital building performance metrics, manage energy use, access long-term data collection, generate reports, and identify improvement opportunities for more informed decision making and increased productivity.

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