Symbio® Equipment Controllers

Taking HVAC equipment performance to its absolute best.

Smart buildings have remarkable potential, and it all begins with the HVAC. Symbio® equipment controllers provide a launch point for the evolution of all-digital HVAC systems. They do what Trane knows best: program-in performance to draw out the results you need within the realities of your world, creating comfortable and efficient environments.

Open connectivity made easy—and secure

Achieving operational excellence in comfort and efficiency requires unrestricted communication, with no digital disparities. Symbio® uses open standard protocols, so you can choose BACnet, Modbus or LonTalk for easy integration into your building automation and HVAC system. BACnet/IP is available when IT requires it.

Adapt easily to future uncertainties

The way your building is used now probably won’t be the same five or ten years from now—long before your HVAC system needs replacement. Symbio is easily re-programmable, so you can change the existing equipment’s operation to meet new requirements, repeatedly.

Symbio easily integrates with Air-Fi® Wireless, enabling the controller to continue to interact within a rearranged system without intrusive and costly rewiring.

Bringing technicians and equipment together, better

Symbio simplifies the meeting of minds between human and equipment intelligence. Service and installation tools, re-invented as mobile applications, support the tech-savvy technicians who naturally reach for a mobile device when they need information.

Mobile Compatible Service Tools

Trane has made initial installation and ongoing servicing even easier with the Symbio phone app. Now with Bluetooth connectivity, this tool can cut installation time. Tasks provide remote access for off-site monitoring and diagnostics, and also can offer contractors peace of mind to manage comfort and performance no matter where they are. There is a web-based user interface (UI) for some HVAC equipment and our mobile app seamlessly connects to Odyssey™ units.


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With the Symbio product family covering the range of Trane products, any building can benefit from our digital equipment controls.