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Our Work - Energy Projects & Solutions

Explore how Trane is delivering exceptional results across industries

Learn how we've enhanced energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability for building owners and organizational leaders worldwide.

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With a collaborative, thorough and personalized approach behind each project, Trane solutions match the requirements of every building and its occupants.


Energy Service Projects By Industry


Powhatan County Public Schools

August 08, 2023

  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 3.3 million pounds
  • Reduced energy costs by 20%
  • Improved test scores noted following comfort and brightness upgrades

Powhatan County Public Schools

Prairie Trails School

September 08, 2021

  • Projected annual gas and electricity saves of more than $32,000
  • Achieved customized indoor air quality and reliable, energy-efficient performance
  • Offset annual energy consumption via solar panels

Prairie Trails School

Higher Education

University of Florida

June 21, 2021

  • Annual energy use and rate change savings of $414,562
  • Annual operational savings of $121,095
  • Projected annual savings of 3,278,505 kWh of electricity and 13,597 therms of natural gas

University of Florida

New Mexico Highlands University

August 13, 2023

  • 16% reduction in electrical costs = savings of $86,000 to date
  • Electrical demand decreased by 14%
  • Electrical consumption decreased by 19%
  • Reached 100% ROI in 16 months

New Mexico Highlands University

Enhancing Cooling Efficiency at Delta College

January 14, 2022

  • $100,000 annual energy savings
  • Reduced electricity use by 1.5 MW during peak demand periods
  • Eliminated 2000 metric tons of CO2 emissions
  • RAchieved LEED Gold® certification

Enhancing Cooling Efficiency at Delta College


Laughlin Memorial Hospital

May 17, 2021

  • First-year savings of more than $778,800
  • Earned an ENERGY STAR® rating above 90
  • Lowered maintenance costs and improved indoor air quality

Laughlin Memorial Hospital

Norton Healthcare

June 21, 2022

  • Covered nine system facilities with approximately 2.8M sq ft of space
  • Since 2016:
      Lowered expected utility spend by $4.7M Carbon emissions decreased by 82,730 metric tons of CO2e

Norton Healthcare

Municipalities and Government

City of Claremont: Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

December 07, 2022

  • $1.4M in community savings for reinvestment
  • 767 metric tons of CO2 emissions offset annually
  • 1.08M kWh reduction in annual energy demands
  • 100% renewable powered public spaces

City of Claremont

Revolutionizing Efficiency: SCDOT Headquarters' Energy Transformation

September 30, 2022

  • Expected savings of $258,500+ with an operational cost savings guarantee of more than $75,425 annually
  • Realized a 19% reduction in kWh
  • 85% reduction in therms
  • Reduced energy use by 41%

SC Department of Transportation

City of Boise - City Hall West

June 21, 2021

  • Improved reliability and comfort
  • 8.7% energy cost savings
  • Reduced demand peaks, lowered maintenance costs

City of Boise - City Hall West

The State of New Mexico's “State Buildings Green Energy Project"

November 01, 2022

  • $1.1M energy savings annually
  • 7,400 Metric tons of GHG emissions offset annually
  • 5.1M gallons of water conserved annually

The State of New Mexico

Commercial & Industrial

Optimizing Comfort at the Bank of America Stadium

May 17, 2022

  • $80,000 projected annual savings
  • Increased capacity and reliability
  • Improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption

Bank of America Stadium

Innovative Cooling Upgrade at Mercedes-Benz USA

November 01, 2021

  • Received $78,000 Smart Buildings energy rebate from the State of New Jersey
  • Improved system reliability and occupant comfort
  • Immediate and significant drop in energy demands

Mercedes-Benz USA

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