Integrated Funding Solutions for K-12

Get the financial catalyst you need to elevate indoor air quality in your schools—now.  Developing a workable funding approach is key, and our K-12 finance specialists will work through the options with you. We’ll help you navigate the maze of CARES Act funding, grants, utility rebates, creative financing options and other available resources.

Trane Integrated Funding Solutions (IFS) offers innovative low-cost financing options that require no out-of-pocket expenses or down payments for the qualifying school districts.

Financing with Trane is a seamless approach to get your needed improvements done efficiently.  Our lease and managed service agreements offer manageable, flexible financing structures and repayment terms and we  continue to  focus on identifying and delivering energy savings that can help defray project costs where possible.

We are a proud to partner with OMNIA® Partners cooperative purchasing organization  to help schools further save money and simplify the purchasing process.



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  • Trane Integrated Funding Solutions Get the financial catalyst you need to elevate IAQ in your facilities—right now. Trane’s K-12 experts can help you evaluate the most affordable ways to pay for IAQ upgrades, so you can act quickly.

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