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Federal Funding for School Upgrades

Maximize your school’s government grants with a custom spending strategy


Your federal funds can benefit your school’s facilities and students for generations—but only if you use them before they expire. No matter your logistical requirements or roadblocks for getting started, Trane is your guide for understanding what your funding can best go towards. This page is the first step in navigating the sources of funding for schools, what your funding can be spent on and how to get started.



What Grants Are Available for Schools? 

Your federal funds can go towards more future-forward school facilities and optimal student experiences, with a few notable differences between the different types:  



  • Spendable on building upgrades/infrastructure improvements 
  • Reimbursable
  • Don’t need to be spent following ESEA Title I-A guidelines (though some states have defined priorities)
  • Some states require an application that accounts for how the funds will be spent/the overall costs

Deadline for Spending


American Rescue Plan Act

  • Spendable on building upgrades/infrastructure improvements
  • A plan for using these funds must be made available/public no later than 30 days after receiving them
  • Funds must be spent no later than 60 days after being received

Deadline for Spending



  • Tax credit-based opportunities
  • Meant to help with transition to cleaner, higher-efficiency energy and transportation
  • Two types of credit to choose from:
    • Investment: Can go towards upfront energy upgrades
    • Production: Can go towards projected costs of energy upgrades
  • Application required
  • Signed into law August 2022, incentives available now

Deadline for Spending



  • One-time opportunity (no longer available after all funds have been expended)
  • Spendable on climate, energy and health-related improvements
  • Application required
  • Signed into law January 2022, incentives available now

Deadline for Spending

CHIPS & Science Act 


  • Grant for education programs
  • Focused on advancing hands-on STEM learning
  • Also supports rural STEM education research 
  • Signed into law August 2022, incentives available now

Deadline for Spending


How To Use Your Federal Funds 

Your government funding is an incredible opportunity to fulfill the most pressing needs of your school, including:

  • Addressing HVAC systems and other deferred maintenance 
  • Creating the most comfortable, healthy and high-performing learning environments possible
  • Improving operational costs, enhancing systems resiliency and more 

A custom spending strategy with Trane allows you to prioritize which of these matter the most, through your choice of individualized programs, solutions and services: 




Common Concerns for Spending Federal Funds

Having enough money in your budget: Trane can be your partner on cost-effective spending measures for school improvement grants, including: 

Working with our group purchasing organization, Omnia® Partner, to save money, vet business partners and simplify buying processes

Learn About Group Purchasing

Having a plan when funding runs outYour strategy can account for long-term needs assessments and preventative maintenance to help with costs down the line.



Are You A Trane Customer?

Spend even more responsibly and hedge supply chain concerns with our Anticipation Discount Program (ADP).


It’s simple: just pay in advance for Trane HVAC equipment, installation and services and you’ll save significantly on them. Customizable and flexible for each of your initiatives, and allowing for variable payment amounts and dates, ADP can help your school in the short- and long-term.

Additional benefits include:

  • Immediate order approval
  • Enhanced credit standing
  • Better rates of return



Funding 101 & 201 Series 

Funding 101

The current influx of federal funding provides a rare opportunity to make facilities upgrades that can help make an impact beyond just the walls of the building. Learn what type of projects can make schools better for students, staff, the environment and your operating budget.

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Funding 201

Over half of the nation’s school have at least one critical system that needs updating or replacement. What about yours? Did you know your district can upgrade to new HVAC technology with minimal direct spending? Learn the basics of a multi-source funding strategy.

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Start Your Federal Funding Spending Plan

While deadlines are rapidly approaching, it’s still not too late for your federal funds to make a difference. With our proven collaborations with over 2,000 school districts on maximizing theirs, we know we can help you, too.