Comprehensive Solutions For Healthier, More Efficient K-12 Buildings

Partner with Trane® to maximize your school’s ESSER investment for generations to come.

Elementary and Secondary Schools
Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund

What You Need To Know

$193 Billion

Amount available in stimulus allowance for policy and infrastructure improvements to allow a confident return to in-school learning.

September 30, 2023*

Last day for state education agencies and subrecipients to obligate funds to appropriate services, repairs and improvements. *Several states have extended this deadline to 9/30/24. Refer to your state for specific information.

The experts at Trane can help your school district develop a strategy to invest these once-in-a-lifetime funds in infrastructure improvements that will benefit generations to come.

Solutions For The Most Common K-12 Building Concerns

Learn more about Trane's holistic solutions to help school districts address the most pressing needs impacting building today.
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Optimize Your School Buildings For Better In-Person Learning

Improving the four elements of indoor building health can create a better learning experience for students and faculty.

How K-12 Education Buildings are Using Stimulus Funds

In April-May 2021, Trane surveyed 100+ K-12 decision makers

Invest Your Stimulus Funds With Confidence

Wellsphere™ is Trane’s unique approach to cultivating healthier indoor spaces. With a comprehensive three-step process, a dedicated Trane expert will develop a customized solution for your building’s unique needs.

  • Assess

    First, we identify areas that require attention and opportunities to optimize. You’ll receive comprehensive reporting with recommendations for improvements.

  • Mitigate

    Next, based on our assessment and your objectives, we provide solutions rooted in science and data that address your building’s challenges.

  • Manage

    Then, using real-time data and analytics, we provide actionable insights to maintain improved indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and help you manage your efficiency and sustainability goals.

Wellsphere Helps School Districts Maximize
ESSER Fund Investments For Holistic Wellbeing

IEQ: What's now, what's new and what's next

Wellsphere is a holistic approach to building wellness. This new offering from Trane surrounds you with a multi-disciplinary collective of experts and a world-class portfolio of IEQ products and services.

Make a lasting impact on your school’s indoor environmental quality with Wellsphere.


IEQ Solutions For K-12
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