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K-12 Education Programs

Developing Tomorrow's Workforce Today

Creating future-forward career paths for students is crucial. At the same time, you want to improve your school’s HVAC, energy usage and holistic infrastructure. 

Trane’s K-12 education programs are a way to merge both needs, creating well-rounded, easily integrated and hands-on STEM learning experiences based around your evolving building. Their industry-relevant resources can prepare your students with the practical skills and certifications they need before and after graduation, all while bridging the gap between teaching in your building and using your building to teach. 


Your School as a Virtual Living Learning Lab

Your stimulus funds are the perfect way to create the most optimal environment for learning.

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What is STEM Education?

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are key fields for students of all ages and backgrounds. Creating an effective learning environment for real-world applications of STEM skills can prepare students for on-the-rise professions.

Through Trane, the benefits of STEM education include:

  • Providing students as early as the fourth grade with hands-on, fun and experiential teaching around energy efficiency, energy conservation, alternative energy, sustainability and more.
  • Involving students in their school’s infrastructure, empowering interest and action beyond the classroom.
  • Inspiring students to consider future careers in STEM fields.
  • Equipping students with technical education and industry certifications to open career pathways.   



Trane's STEM Education Programs

Through K-12 STEM education programs in your school, starting as early as the fourth grade, you can inspire a lifelong passion for learning in more energy-conscious and job-ready students. All programs are: 

  • Customizable and adaptable
  • Flexible and easy-to-integrate
  • Well-rounded and immersive

BTU CREW™ (Grades 4-7)

Create a Foundation for STEM Learning

Aptly named after the unit of heat, this program helps students get excited about STEM topics affecting our world through a mix of digital tools and hands-on activities.

  • 20 lessons across 6 modules
  • Digital modules include lesson plans, STEM activities, virtual labs and more that cover:
    • Energy 101
    • Energy efficiency
    • Career exploration
    • Impact of Energy
    • Energy usage in buildings
    • Energy audit and performance analytics


BTU CREW™ (Grades 8-10)

Bringing STEM Learning to Life

The next step in the BTU Crew program takes STEM topics even further, with designable dashboards and trackable metrics, deeper analysis around energy dynamics and more chances for analytical problem solving around your school.

  • 32 lessons across 6 modules
  • Digital modules include lesson plans, STEM activities, virtual labs, and more that cover:
    • Energy 101
    • Energy usage
    • Career awareness
    • Impact of energy
    • Energy usage in buildings
    • Energy audit and performance analytics


NC3 (Grades 11-12)

Carve a Pathway to High-Demand Careers 

The National Coalition of Certification Centers partners with your career technical education (CTE) department to provide hands-on technical training before students move on to their next stage of education.

  • Highly specialized training
  • Industry-recognized certifications
  • Dual opportunities for credits towards high school and tech training
  • Focuses on:
    • Data analytics
    • Building Automation
    • Residential HVAC 

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VL3 (Grades 11-12)

Ensure High-Level Tech Learning

The Virtual Living Learning Lab creates a digital copy of your building data, providing limitless opportunities for students to solve complex technical problems and potentially further engage their community.

  • Greater educational return on your building investment
  • Create an advanced learning environment without a heavy lift
  • Focuses on:
    • BIMS, energy, water and solar systems
    • Data analytics
    • Open protocol/BACnet systems
    • Lighting & IoT systems




Key Program Differentiators

Trane’s education programs work within the context of your building infrastructure to deliver more interactive experiences that benefit students, staff and facilities firsthand. This has many advantages in addition to being a truly unique opportunity for STEM learning.


Your federal stimulus funding can go towards your school’s best balance of building upgrades, educational enhancements and more.

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Environmental education at a young age empowers students to impact their community in the long-term.


Empowering students with actionable, real-world knowledge can help increase post-graduation placement rates.


Education and building improvements are the ultimate beacon for students, parents, industry leaders and others that are looking for a high-performing school.


Provide Future-Forward Experiences for Your Students

You care about your students’ future, and so does Trane. With our partnership and custom programs, you can give students the ideal school environment they need to transition into and thrive in their professional lives. Get in contact and collaborate on a STEM program tailored to your school’s unique needs.  



K-12 & Your School
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